Friday, December 11, 2015

Kinley School Christmas festivities & Letter to Santa

Kinley's class had "dress like an ornament" day.  
Her teacher made them all hook hats. 
Here is Kinley the Christmas tree ornament posing in all her glory.
More December More December
More December
 I did have to hot glue all the tinsel to her while she was wearing the shirt.  
Mom of the Year.
No big deal.
I spot a cheesy Dylan.
 More December 

First Grade put on a Christmas program of Christmas songs.  They learned so many songs and motions to them all.  
It was impressive.  
She's third row back in the center 
Kinley's Christmas Program
If you look close in this one, she is singing with her eyes closed. Girl was passionate!
Kinley's Christmas Program
Probably the most exciting part of then night for her was when Santa showed up and delivered his response letters to ALL of the first grade students! The principal answered the door and brought the letters in during the program and they were all freezing cold because they came straight from the North Pole!
Kinley's Christmas Program Sweet girl had lots of fans in the audience. 
Kinley's Christmas Program Kinley's Christmas Program Kinley's Christmas Program Kinley's Christmas Program Kinley's Christmas Program

Kinley and Ty's class parties were the same day so we had to divide an conquer.
Pops went with Kinley to hers since he reads with the students in her class and knows everyone well.  He took some pics for us and it looks like they made a great team crafting and decorating gingerbread cookies.
 IMG_5864 IMG_5865 IMG_5866
 This was Kinley's letter to Santa that she wrote:
IMG_5867   IMG_5868
Translation: "Dear Santa, I am Kinley. I have been very good this year. I am 6 years old and I do my chores like my mom tells me to. I like candy canes at Christmas. I want a bunny. I want a FitBit, a stuffed animal 101 Dalmatian dog, a desk, a baby crib, high chair and any kind of chapter book. What is your favorite reindeer? How do you fly your sleigh? I hope you have a Merry Christmas. Good Bye"
Santa was so awesome to respond to every first grader!  Here was his response in the cold envelope that was delivered on the Christmas Program night.

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