Friday, July 31, 2015

Artie's Camp

Kinley, Annabelle Grace and Tatum did the Broadway Bound Artie's camp the last week in July and they put on a little show at the end of the week. 
It was Kinley's first introduction to participating in musical theater and she truly loved it! She is already asking to do a class or another camp. 
 One funny story was that on the first day of camp Kinley and AG went in telling the teachers that they were twins. They were a little nervous I think, so they told the teachers they only wanted duets instead of solos because they were twins. 
 Well, despite different ages, heights, last names, parent names, and everything, I guess the teachers believed them because at the end of the day when they were passing out their practice CDs they told them "one per family" and were only going to give them one CD. 
They had to confess that they weren't really twins. But, they did get their duets. 
 They were cast one role (i.e. "Muchkin #3") for all of their parts and did everything together for the show. It was cute this time but, I am excited for them to feel more comfortable next time and branch out and be her own person and character. Tatum was her own character and THE cutest orphan ever! Way to go Tatum. 

These munchkins were required to wear a solid yellow or green shirt, denim shorts, closed toed shoes and crazy socks. 
We thought pigtails with tulle bows would be the best munchkin hair :) 
July 2015 
July 2015
 July 2015 July 2015 
These big sisters love having baby brothers around and will even share their photoshoot. 
July 2015 
During the show
 July 2015 July 2015 July 2015 July 2015 July 2015 
 A little video...
 July 2015 
All three girls after the show. 
Thanks Les for making Jessica and I look better by picking up flowers and candy for our girls performance too. 
July 2015 
 And a big thank you to all our sweet friends and family that came to watch the 15 minute performance. We literally took up an entire side of Arties. 
 They felt so supported.

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