Saturday, July 25, 2015

Bass Hall date nights

I am loving our season tickets to the Bass Hall this year. My love for musical theatre runs deep AND it always gives us an automatically scheduled date night every so often.
The Nordells and Bartels also have season tickets so we usually try to schedule dinner on show nights as well.
  IMG_1242 IMG_1253 IMG_1374 
Our seats are right next to the Bartels just by coincidence! We bought them separately, months apart and they just happened to be right next to each other. 
Love these angel wings in Ft. Worth. So fun. 
Dirty Dancing was two weeks later and seriously, one of my most favorite shows in a while.
 The sets were definitely minimal and not impressive.
 There were only two singers in the whole show but they were dynamite and the dancing was awesome. He actually did walk through the theatre seats for the last scene and walk up to the stage to say "Nobody puts Baby in the corner" and the audience erupted.
 It was so fun.
None of the hubbies were up for trying this lift. What?
We gave our Pippin tickets to Alex and Mendy for his birthday night and I heard it was a great show too! We only have one more show of this season and I am so sad! I think I've convinced Ben that we have to renew for next year!

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