Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ty's Surgery

Ty had surgery in mid-July to remove his tonsils and adenoids. It all happened kind of quickly. I had decided after months of listening to Ty snore like a freight train that I should call our pediatrician about it. (duh mom!) When I described what his snoring sounded like and my concerns about his behavior during the day (like sleeping all night in his bed for 12 hours and falling right back asleep in the car on the way to the gym the next morning) our Dr didn't even ask to see him and just referred us straight to the ENT because he suspected sleep apnea.

We went with the same Dr that did Dylan's tubes and after looking at him and hearing me describe everything to her she confirmed she also agreed he had sleep apnea and that is an automatic tonsil and adenoid-ectomy. 

Ty was a rockstar checking in and taking the "giggle juice" to prep him for surgery.
He was NOT into putting on the hospital gown so we waited until he was fully "silly" before putting it on him. 
July 2015

He was totally fascinated by this sensor on his finger and that the light turned it red. He kept putting it on his nose and saying he was Rudolph and wanting to see pictures of himself as Rudolph on my phone.
 July 2015 July 2015

This video is kind of hysterical.
He was watching Cinderella on the TV and couldn't for the life of him remember what it was called.
July 2015

Finally got him in the hospital gown.
July 2015
We prayed over him and hugged and kissed him and sent him back to surgery. We went to the waiting room to eat breakfast and have coffee for about 30 min. Pretty soon the dr came out and said the surgery was successful and that his tonsils and adenoids were both huge and it was good we took them out.
A few min later we heard screaming from the waiting room.
We didn't think for a second it was Ty until a nurse came out to get us.
He was hysterical.
We were totally second guessing ourselves at this point. He was totally out of it and inconsolable. He was ripping off his hospital gown and kicking and screaming and ripping out his IVs.
It was so sad.
I was singing to him, hugging him, holding him, changing his clothes and doing everything we could to calm him down. The anesthesiologist and the nurses were not worried and told us this happens sometimes to kids under 5 coming off anesthesia.
They sedated him a little and after about 20 min he calmed down.
After he ate a couple Popsicles he was good to go.

We never had any hysterical moments after that. He doesn't even remember it.  Apparently the hardest thing about this surgery is making sure you get enough to eat and drink afterward so the affected area doesn't dry out.
Well, the steroids they gave him in the ER and we gave him for the next three days made him starving! He ate and drank like crazy.
 They also made him a little hyperactive. He would NOT slow down.
We stayed on top of his pain medication and let him pretty much eat whatever sounded good. It was a little up and down for about a week. He would feel good and then the nights were hard when he wasn't eating or drinking often.
Then the scabs started to fall off and it was harder again.
 All in all, it took about 10 days for him to really feel better.
The hyperactivity and the pain meds would eventually cause him to crash, hard during the day.
 July 2015
July 2015 July 2015 

He would ask everyday for a picture of his throat.
Skip past this because it's kind of gross but I want one to remember 
July 2015
We were confined to the house for multiple days and we got creative in how to spend our time. We even busted out the camping gear for some indoor camping and movie watching. 
July 2015 July 2015

I am now happy to report that he is happy and healthy and back to his normal self.
And he does not make a sound when he sleeps.
No snoring.
He wakes up refreshed and ready for the day.
It was SO worth it.  

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