Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ty's First Day of 2 year old Class

Ty's first day of school was supposed to be before Dylan was born but, instead Dylan was a week old. 
 So, we didn't get a full on photo shoot with Kinley or pics outside or anything. 
 But, I took a few and here they are. 
IMG_3583 IMG_6760 IMG_6758 
Your teacher this year is Ms Lisa and we were SO excited to have her. 
 She was Kinley's aide in her 4 year old class last year and we love her and know her well. So helpful for me with Dylan being such a new baby and me missing so much right at the beginning of school. 
 She also asked me to home room mom this year and it will be my first time. 
 I have purposefully avoided it but for Ms Lisa, I am happy to do it. 

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