Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September photo dump

Here are a few other things that happened in September - via my iphone 
 It was red, white & blue day at Kinley's school on Sept 11 and this girl represented.
Their teachers and principals tweet everyday and that day her the principal must have visited Kinley's class because he tweeted this picture. 

Kinley & Ty wanted to run in the sprinkler with their clothes on and it was still summer temps outside...so, why not!?
IMG_3757 IMG_3762
Dylan and I loved watching those crazies IMG_3759 IMG_3766 IMG_3770 IMG_3768

Kinley & Ty still want to hold Dylan multiple times a day IMG_3755 IMG_3683
I love mornings cuddling in bed with all my babies IMG_3720
or afternoon snacks on the couch with everybody
IMG_3679 IMG_3608
Kinley loves to just watch Dylan when I am busy.
 Here she is sining to him and rocking him.
 So sweet.
Ty loves being anywhere Kinley is.
 Here he just climbed next to her on the couch and got under the blanket she was using just to be close to her.
The Nordells came over for dinner one night after they got back from vacation and it was so fun hanging with them and getting some seashell loot they brought back for their friendsIMG_3819 For Ty's birthday Allison bought him a play shave kit and it has been a hit in the bathtub IMG_3561 IMG_3562
Kinley went to a birthday party for her new bestie school friends in her class, Erika & Claire.
 They are twins and she talks about them everyday after school.
IMG_3737 IMG_3723  IMG_3727
I picked Ty up from school one day and he was still napping and had to snap a pic.
 He looks giant now compared to Dylan.
Honey & Boss took Kinley & Ty to an SMU game and they looked super cute in their coordinating outfits and had a great time at the game 
IMG_3812 IMG_3848 IMG_3846 IMG_3847 IMG_3845
September was a blur and I love looking back to see that we actually did other things besides just nurse and change baby Dylan.  I am also so excited for October because I love Fall and cooler weather and more football and pumpkin patches.  

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