Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Turning 60 Like a Boss

We have lots of family birthdays in September. 
Another big one this year was my dad's. 
 He turned 60 on the 24th. 
 My mom has thrown my dad parties on his 30th, 40th, and 50th birthdays so we have known for months dad would have a party for his 60th. 
 We also knew his big birthday fell right in between mine and Olivia's due dates. Because of this, mom planned his party in early september so we could have it before both babies came. Well, our plans did not work out so well since Dylan made his arrival unexpectedly early. But, we partied anyway! 
 Even though Dylan was 3 days old and I had been in the hospital the whole week and mom had kept Kinley and Ty all week, the party was still on and we celebrated big. 
 It was fantastic and totally something my dad loved. 
 He is social and so fun and never meets a stranger and a more the merrier kind of guy. So, their party had an even 100 people at it, including Dylan. 
 Mom had a valet and catered La Hacienda and hired a bartender, it was so fun. 
 She had tables set up in the backyard with lights strung and all of his favorite family and friends. 
 It was a great party. 
 Oh, and I should mention she also "hired" our resident party photographer, Mendy. I am not sure what we would do without her picture taking time and skills. 
 Mom and I made dad a book of all his party pictures for him to open on his actual birthday, so there are only a few, mainly of family, posted here. 
Dad giving a little speech before dinner 
The party crowd 
IMG_6554 IMG_6520

Mom and I custom made these cups & koozies and I love how they turned out. 
 So fun that "like a Boss" is such a popular phrase right now and it's his grandpa name!
  IMG_6510 IMG_6512 IMG_6692 

I thought I was crazy taking Dylan to a party with 100 people when he was 3 days old but, he's the third child.....
No, but seriously, 
we quarantined ourselves in mom & dad's room and barely saw anyone and left by 8:30.
 But, we did get to see all my grandparents in one place and that was so worth it to introduce Dylan to his all his great-grandparents at one time.
  IMG_6639 IMG_6637 IMG_6632 IMG_6642 IMG_6635 IMG_6575 More party pics
My brothers like to match... 
IMG_6590 IMG_6666 IMG_6493 IMG_6483 IMG_6611 IMG_6535 IMG_6604 IMG_6670 IMG_6711 IMG_6654 

LOVE this pic of my family...Dylan and I had already left but, I just think everyone looks so cute and is posed perfectly and Bart even has his koozie turned the right way.

On Dad's real birthday Ben, Dylan and I rode with mom and dad and met up with Bart and Olivia and Matt and Sandy at Lawry's in Addison for a great family dinner. 
 When mom and dad came to pick us up I had cupcakes and candles ready for Boss so he could celebrate with Kinley and Ty also.
  IMG_3781 IMG_3783 
Happy 60th birthday Boss! 
 You are the best dad in the world, an amazing example of a husband, and a servant-leader to our family. 
 You give the best advice, even though you really mostly listen and guide us to make our own choices. 
 You are so consistent in everything you do, whether it be working out on the stepper every morning of your life, going to work everyday, or never wanting to be out of town on a Sunday so you don't miss church. But, in all of that consistency you are still the life of a party, love to try new things, meet new people, and travel new places. 
 You are solid source of praise and encouragement for all of your kids and grandkids. 
You have taught us all to have a work ethic that consists of always trying your best, being full of integrity, and letting go what you can't control. 
 Thank you that you have always been a standard for me in my life in how to be treated. 
Thank you for always seeing the best in people and never holding on to resentment. 
Thank you for always loving Ben like he was born your son and cheering him on just like you do me, Bart and Matt. 
 Thank you for always saying I love you and for ending every text or email with "love, Dad." 
Thank you for so many other things that I can't even put into words. 
 I love you so much and I hope you had the best 60th birthday!

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