Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bart & Olivia's Gender Reveal Party

I am going to be an aunt! 
I am just so excited. 
Bart and Olivia told us around Kinley's birthday that they were expecting a baby and that she is due exactly 1 month after me. 
They told us with Kinley's birthday card. 
The front said "to my cousin" and the inside had a sonogram picture and was signed by Uncle Bart, Aunt Olivia, and baby cousin Howe.  It was so fun and I was SO surprised. 
Mom and Dad were over here too and they didn't know yet either and we were all just surprised and thrilled and over the moon. 
It was the best.
I am so excited about having our first cousin and being an aunt.  I can barely stand it.  We kept quiet for a while until they told us it was ok to let the news out. 

On Mother's Day, we had a joint Mother's Day and Gender Reveal Party celebration.  It was an intimate gathering and so, so special. Now that they have let the news out of the bag on their own social media, I can finally blog their gender reveal party!

My mom and dad hosted and I was in charge of decorations...but, I still wasn't able to know the gender until the reveal. 
The first thing I made was the reveal box because I had to hand it over to Bart and O to fill. 
 I spray painted one of our boxes left over from moving black and cut out some white letters on my silhouette and rigged up some ropes for them to hang it with and pull to open.

IMG_1303 IMG_1305
I knew I wanted a pink and blue and gold theme backdrop so I spray painted some $1 wooden frames from Michaels gold and sprayed gold glitter on top.
I ended up putting baby pictures of Bart and Olivia and a sonogram picture in the frames.
The only other decorations I  made were some tassel garland, a banner, a few tissue paper poms and the cake topper. 
My dad grilled steaks and we had potatoes and salad and an amazing, my table was pretty much dessert/appetizer table.
  I had strawberries and blueberries with fruit dip, pink and blue candy coated marshmallows, some Hershey kisses and of course...a cake by Mendy.
IMG_1378 IMG_1381
I thought I was so clever :) 4IMG_5348
Mendy made an amazing cake at the lake that weekend and I transported it home for the party on Sunday and added the cake topper.  I can't do a party without a cake from Mendy!  She made it two blue and one pink since we didn't know the gender yet.
IMG_1374 IMG_5345 IMG_1383
We mixed and mingled and voted on what gender we thought the baby would be and just waited for them to pull the string on that box.
IMG_5356 IMG_1387 IMG_1391 IMG_1393
And the reveal was so, so fun!!
IMG_1401 IMG_1411 IMG_1412 IMG_1427
Yay! It's a boy!!
 We cannot wait to meet our nephew.
 It ends up being so, so cool that they are continuing on the Howe last name with a boy this year.
 My grandfather, Mc Howe (Bull) was born in 1924, 30 years later in 1954 he had one son, my dad Mark Howe, 30 years later in 1984 he had his first son, Bart, and now 30 years later in 2014 they are continuing on the Howe name with another BOY!
We cannot wait to meet our nephew in October!
 Thank you Bart and Olivia for letting us celebrate with you!
IMG_1430 IMG_1431


Olivia Howe said...

This was so fun and so so special! You did an amazing job (and Mendy's cake...I could have eaten the whole thing) and we are beyond blessed that Anson is going to have such a sweet and creative aunt. Thanks for posting so we can remember too!

zerry ht said...

This looks like so much fun. Congratulations on the baby! Right now we’re (me and the girls) also searching for venues in Chicago for my friend’s baby shower. We’re giving her a surprise party and all of us have been planning this for a while now. Hopefully, she’ll like the surprise.