Thursday, June 12, 2014

iphone photo dump & kinley being sick

Here is a peek at our last couple weeks....
Kinley has been sick...over and over and over ....for about the last month. 
It started out with a cold that wouldn't go away.  Probably a sinus infection but, she stuck through it and with Essential Oils and Tylenol we pretty much kicked it after about a week. 
Then on Memorial Day weekend she got sick to her stomach.  Ty had it a little but, Kinley vomited for about three days. 
Then she was well about three days and then the real bad stomach bug hit. 
She was vomiting and going to the bathroom constantly for about 4 days. It was always worse at night.  She would wake up with pain in her stomach and vomit and then try to go back to bed.  One night we were up every hour on the hour in the bathroom for something. 
It was really the most difficult stomach bug we have had. 
She hated it. 
She would scream into the toilet and pray and ask God to make her feel better.  She would say she didn't think God was hearing her prayers because she wasn't feeling better. 
It was heartbreaking. 
It was such a learning experience for her and I both. 
Ben and I did the best we could to tell her that God absolutely was hearing her prayers and that He cares about her more than she can imagine and wants her to get better too.  That there are lots of sick people in the world and that God is taking care of her by letting her mommy and daddy be there and help her and give her medicine and love on her. 
But, it was still so hard. 
 Seeing her just cry and lay there and sleep and be sick. 
I hated it.

I prayed and prayed over her that God would answer her prayers and teach her He answers prayers.

Finally, we kicked the stomach bug. 
After a couple of visits to the pediatrician and multiple calls and many treatments (no dairy, pedialyte, gatorade and water, the BRAT diet, essential oils, probiotics, a prescription antihistime and finally an antibiotic) we finally had messed with her GI system enough to get things flowing in the right direction and she was finally through it. 
She was feeling good about 4 days and a couple days ago, after a rough time at swim lessons,  I looked at her throat and she had red, swollen tonsils with white spots.  The pediatrician assures me that she could not have strep throat because she had been on antibiotics and that it must be, we are back on Tylenol and lollipops and popsicles until we are all well which I am praying is so soon. 
She is tiny already and probably lost a few pounds during all this. 
 It has been a rough month and definitely not the best start to summer for her but, we have been playing and making the most of our days when she felt good.

One night we went to one of Maverick, Parker and Caleb's tee ball games and went out for dinner and a snow cone after.
IMG_1680 IMG_1684
Uncle Matt Matt FINALLY came home from Switzerland and we were all excited to greet him at the airport.  He brought the sweetest gifts for Kinley and Ty from his trip.  He brought them both a little keepsake cross from Jerusalem and brought Kinley a cute swiss Heidi doll and Ty a genuine, engraved swiss army knife. 
 My kids just LOVE uncle matt-matt and were thrilled to see him. 
IMG_1744 IMG_1745
I got a little time away from the house to go out for Lindsey's 30th birthday one night.  We went to dinner at Times Ten Cellars in Dallas and it was amazing...well, the food that I could eat.  After baby, I will definitely go back for a wine tasting.  I heard nothing but good things. We also stopped at Sprinkles to get cupcakes for dessert.
IMG_1728 IMG_1732
One day after stomach bug...pre throat virus, we went for a walk to the park with the Bartels.
 These kids love each other.
We have mainly been spending lots of time with just our quarantined family trying not to spread germs to any friends. 
I took the kids one day to see Rio 2 in southlake and we played at the fountain.
IMG_1663 IMG_1665
We had donuts for breakfast on national donut day.
We also went fishing and had a picnic at the Colleyville Nature Center one night.  Ben grew up fishing there and loves to take the kids.
IMG_1873 IMG_1878 IMG_1868 IMG_1877
We are ready for some more healthy, fun summer nights ahead!

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