Thursday, June 12, 2014

Baby Update

Well, I am over halfway through my pregnancy and have yet to do a baby update on the blog yet.
 Poor third child.
Anyway, this pregnancy has been pretty much similar to the others as far as progression and weight gain, etc.
I didn't have much nausea or sickness during the 1st trimester, similar to the others. My cravings are similar too...I never crave anything super specific...just types of tastes...(i.e salty, sweet, or fruit) I love orange juice just as much as during my other pregnancies.
We are NOT finding out the sex of this baby. We have tried to do something a little different for each kid. With Kinley we found out the sex right away and told everyone. With Ty we did a gender reveal party for our family. And with #3, we are waiting till the hospital. I am loving this by the way. Ben is hating it. I love not knowing and it is surprisingly easy not knowing. And I just can't wait for that moment in the hospital when we find out Boy or Girl!
It hasn't all been smooth sailing though...we have had a few complications this time. I blame it on the fact that I am old now. (This may be TMI but, I want to remember)
 I had placenta previa from weeks 20 - 24. I was on severe restrictions for a few weeks (like no lifting, no exercise, basically no expending any unnecessary energy). We prayed and prayed that the partial previa would correct itself and by the next sonogram it had and I was on no restrictions again!
I have also developed kidney stones this pregnancy. Holy moly. I have NEVER had kidney stones before...and I have had 2 this pregnancy already. One was about mid-February and another was almost exactly 2 months later mid-May. The development of these is supposedly pregnancy hormone related and possibly the way my uterus is blocking my normal flow from my kidneys and I am praying I won't have these after baby but, I might still continue to get them during this pregnancy. Fortunately, I have had an easier time than most in passing these. But, they are still pretty terrible. They take between 3 & 4 days to pass and I am pretty much incapacitated during that time.
Anyway, despite all that, I am loving being pregnant again.
Because this may or may not be our last pregnancy I am not taking any moment for granted. I am treasuring every kick and movement and flutter and it is just so fun.
Both Kinley and Ty love this baby already and ask to talk to, kiss or feel the baby multiple times every day. I just can't wait for them to meet their new sibling. I can already see how much joy he or she will add to our family.
Here are a few bump progress pics.
I usually snap these as I am getting, sorry for the multiple bathroom pics.
This is about 21 weeks
This is around 23 weeks
This most current (last week) 25 weeks IMG_1724

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