Saturday, June 21, 2014


Directly from Inie & Bull's party, Ben and I drove straight home to drop of the kids with the Harrison's and booked it to the stadium to see George Strait's last tour concert. 
Kristen and Jeff had invited us a few weeks back and were beyond thrilled to be able to go.  It was an unforgettable concert with headliner after headliner in country music making guest appearances with George.  It was just the perfect night with a perfect group of friends and is something I will never forget.

Allison texted me the day before the concert with a pic of a shirt saying..."this will be here for you at the concert if you want it"  Duh!  How cute are these?  I bet we all got 10 compliments a piece on these shirts.  One random lady asked if Allison would sell her one or if she had a store. 

The back was a line from George's song "East Come, Easy Go"  it said "Goodbye, Farewell, So Long, Vaya Con Dios" which he sang with Eric Church. 
And his first song of the night was "Check Yes or No" which was awesome.
IMG_1855 IMG_1864 IMG_1822 IMG_1860

George ended up having 9 guests sing with him and we were excited for every single one.  Vince Gill was first...and I didn't get a pic of just them.
Then it was Jason Aldean (you can kind of see the massive crowd in this pic)
Eric Church
Sheryl Crow
Martina McBride
Alan Jackson
Miranda Lambert
IMG_1836 Faith Hill
and Kenny Chesney

He finished his set and the place went dark and lights went on everywhere begging for the Encore. There were over 105,000 people at this concert and it was amazing to see. IMG_1838

Then during the encore, they all came back out again to sing with him on stage.  They sang "All my Exes Live in Texas" and it was unforgettable.
IMG_1845 IMG_1844 IMG_1841
He sang well over 30 songs for over 3 hours and it was amazing.
 There was confetti and balloons at the end and we didn't want to leave.
IMG_1850 IMG_1853
Thanks for such a fun night Kristen & Jeff!  It was unforgettable.
IMG_1835 IMG_1862 IMG_1856 IMG_1858

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kristen said...

BEST NIGHT EVERRRRR! I WISH WE COULD GO BACK RIGHT NOW! I am yelling, but seriously. Right now. Best night with y'all. Just wish it could have lasted so much longer. Love y'all SO much!!