Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Swim Lessons

For the last two weeks Kinley & Ty have been taking swim lessons from Ms Norma every day from 3-4. 
My friends, Alison and Jessica have told me about Ms. Norma every year and for some reason we haven't ever been able to take class with her until this summer. 
 I am so, so glad we did this summer. 
She is amazing. 
She is probably around 65-70 years old and has been teaching swim lessons in her backyard for over 25 years. 
She is so, so patient with the kids. 
Kinley & Ty have been taking with Aslynn, Hudson, Tatum and Druz and the six of them have kept Ms Norma busy.  I don't think in two weeks there has been a day that all 6 kids were happy with no tears and participating the entire class. 
It has been a round robin of complaining and crying about being scared or cold or sick or tired or whatever.  We bribe them with cupcakes and oreos and jumping on Ms Norma's trampoline...anything to stay in the water or jump back in when it's their turn. 
But, through screaming or tears or shouts of laughter, all 6 kids have learned SO much.  They just do what she says despite their mood or fear. 
Both of my kids have improved by leaps and bounds in two weeks. 
Ty is treading water and holding his breath all over the place, he jumps off the edge of the pool like a champ and the diving board occasionally.  He is totally fearless in the water now which is a little scary actually.
 The last day Ms Norma had the big girls jump off the diving board and then come up and tread water 60 seconds, then turn over on their backs and float 30 seconds, then turn back over and swim the long length of the pool to the other end. 
This was a total breeze for Aslynn and Tatum and Kinley did not master the task but she did awesome and I am amazed at her progress. 
I hope Ms Norma keeps teaching until all my kids can swim like fish because we will definitely be taking her up for lessons again!
My mom took the kids to half of the swim lessons while I was at work and she was much better at taking pics than me.
Thanks Mom!
IMG_1889 IMG_1890 IMG_1898 IMG_1902 IMG_1903 
Ms Norma telling the kids whats up 
When Ms Norma is working with the boys, the girls like to play "tea party" at the bottom of the pool.
Kinley is so much better at treading water and floating after working with Ms Norma 
IMG_1910 IMG_1916 IMG_1920
Jumping off the diving board is a big hit with Kinley and she is starting to learn how to dive.
  IMG_1924 IMG_1925 IMG_1926 IMG_1934 IMG_1711 IMG_1712
And Ty's absolute favorite thing is the noodle and doing a noodle race.
IMG_1929 Untitled IMG_1931 IMG_1932 IMG_1928
A couple of group shots
IMG_1737 IMG_1912 
And we can't forget the trampoline. It was the biggest bribe factor for sure. 
 Particpation = a jump on the trampoline. 
Thanks Ms Norma!

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