Wednesday, May 21, 2014

More of May

Here is a little more of May...
We had 2 birthday parties the day we got back from Disney World.
First we celebrated Rilee & Taylor turning ONE! I can't believe these sweet angels are 1 already. Amy did such a cute job with their precious pink and yellow party.
  IMG_1257 IMG_1258 IMG_1259
Then we ran over to Leslie's to celebrate Sean Ryan's 2nd Birthday Veggie Tales / Karaoke Style.
  IMG_1260 IMG_1267
SR is obsessed with Bob & Larry lately and he LOVES listening to all the Veggie Tales songs, so she merged the two together. With our RSVP we were to send in 2 of our favorite songs to take the stage and sing karaoke.
She built a Bob & Larry stage for the kids to dress up and sing from so it was a treat for the eyes AND ears :)
IMG_1262 IMG_1263 IMG_1269
Veggie Tales activities galore...
Indestructible piƱatas...even Leslie couldn't break them.
IMG_1264 IMG_1265 IMG_1266
We love to dress in theme colors...yellow, green and red.
While we were gone to Disney World our yard guys came in and pretty much re-did the entire backyard. We have cut down and trimmed up trees, ripped out walkways and stone and redone flower beds and put in grass. I wish I had a better before picture than this one.
 But, pretty much anywhere you see grass, there was just dirt and mud.
We are so excited about summer in our yard.
Untitled Untitled
And since weather has been awesome lately and we had a new backyard we were dying to be in, we had Harrison family dinner at our house one evening for our first grill out and dinner on the back patio.
Untitled IMG_1280
Thanks to Cheryl who brought every.single.thing to our house while I did nothing. And we took a family walk between dinner and dessert and finished the evening with a concert by Kinley on the fireplace. It was so fun!

Ty had a crazy eye thing one morning when he woke up. We determined it was a mosquito bite that was on his eyelid that had swollen up overnight. It went down on its own but it was a little disturbing for a bit. We keep the kids sprayed down every minute they are in the backyard...but, I guess I forgot to spray his eyelids....
Kinley and Ty have been having lots of fun with Honey lately. Kinley went with her to get their nails done and get a snowcone one day. Honey is so fun :)
Untitled Untitled Untitled
And went to Parr Park one day and had ice cream from an ice cream truck for lunch
Untitled Untitled
Speaking of Honey, she got Kinley this devotional by Sheila Walsh and we have been loving reading through it together every night. It so simply tells the gospel in such a specific and perfect way for a little girl.
I totally recommend it.
We had Kinley's last teacher appreciation day at Compass and we were there bright and early with some other moms to serve breakfast to the teachers before school started.
The kids had a great time eating donuts and running around like crazies.
 Then we sent them off to those teachers we are so thankful for.
Kinley and Ty are such buddies right now.
This was one morning right after Ty got out of Ben and Kinley requested a big "squeeze" from Ty and then asked me to take their picture.
 It's crazy how the little moments like this make my heart want to burst.
We had Kindergarten orientation this week and my heart about burst again.
I am so excited for her, but even that one night was kind of hard for me.
 Ben and I took her and we all went in together and then the Kindergarten teachers took all the kids for some activity time while the parents had a meeting.
 I almost cried as she left the room (I blame pregnancy hormones) and I was so excited to see her after her being away about 20 minutes.
I can't imagine her being gone 5 days a week.
We had what felt like the quickest girls weekend at the lake for about a day and a half one weekend. We played games, layed out, and talked till way too late.
Thankfully, we got to sleep in as well.
  IMG_1492 IMG_1493 IMG_1489 IMG_1488
We tend to always bring swag for each other and Stacee brought us these sun hats this time that we couldn't stop taking pictures in. And, I am taking the pic, because no one wants to see pregnant belly in a swimsuit. Sorry for all of you that will have to this summer :)
Ben took a decent group pic of us when we got back home sunday.
We had a playgroup Zoo Day before all the schools let out for summer. It was the Gigantabug exhibit so we scavenger hunted for every giant animatronic insect we could find and made sure to find them all before we could leave. They loved the interactive ones that squirted water or you could push buttons or turn dials for.
Love the family of elephants...can't get enough of those two babies
These girls sure are going to miss each other in class next year.
Untitled IMG_1571
Ty was in a mood that day, especially since we went about 2 hours past his nap time and was NOT into a group picture...(notice the gap in kids where he would not line up.
And why is Kinley the only one sporting her Burger King crown?? Those moms are too good to snag that crown off and pop a bow in those girls hair for the pic.
 Me, not so much :)
At least Mav is holding strong with the crown too.
And, we've been enjoying some nice May mornings with breakfast on the back porch and I am loving it. IMG_1573 IMG_1577
I am so excited it's finally summer!

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