Monday, May 12, 2014

Kinley's Preschool Graduation

Kinley graduated!
Well, from preschool.
 She isn't exactly done with the school year yet or anything...but, she had her spring program and graduation ceremony last week.
 I know, a graduation ceremony for 5 year olds.
 It is definitely over-the-top.
 But, it was so cute.
 There is nothing cuter than tiny people in caps and gowns.
 The kids had worked SO hard on their "Hay Day" program and were so excited for the program. Kinley had missed a couple days of "practicing on the stage" while we were at Disney World and she was a little nervous about it until she got a chance to practice.
We had quite the fan club come to the show and Kinley did not disappoint and waved to every person from the stage.
  IMG_1319 IMG_5300
I guess the teachers know how much she loves to perform and live in her pretend world constantly because she got to come up front during her class song with a few other kids.
IMG_5303 IMG_5307 IMG_5309
After the program, they had a small break where they showed a slide show and the kids changed clothes into their caps and gowns. How cute is she with that hat too big and her ears sticking out?
Sweet girl.
About to call her name
Hugging her teachers
I love her and Arabella graduating together :)
Compass Christian Preschool Graduating Class of 2014
(yes, they actually announced that :)
We had to thank everyone that came to cheer us on!
Honey and Boss brought her some flowers and she loved them!
IMG_1351 IMG_1348 IMG_1353 IMG_1354
The teachers had their pictures made in their caps and gowns earlier in the month and had them posted on the wall.
I can't get enough.
We love Ms. Jessie so much! We will so miss her next year.
IMG_5330 IMG_5333 IMG_1352
We had a little party at the house afterward with a few decorations and even sang, at Kinley's request, Happy Graduation to the theme of happy birthday. I guess that's a song :)
IMG_1309 IMG_5335
Happy Graduation Kinley!
Your four years at Compass Christian Preschool flew by. I cannot believe you are going to be in Kindergarten in the Fall! I want to cry and am so excited for you at the same time. I am sure we will go through every emotion in the book by the time school starts in August. Until then, I am so glad we have the summer to spend together.  I can't wait to savor having you home with me every day.
I love you sweet girl. 

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