Friday, May 23, 2014

Last Day of School

Tuesday was Kinley & Ty's last day of Preschool for the year.
 It is always bitter sweet for me when a year comes to a close but, especially this year. It was so weird to know that Kinley will not be going back to preschool next year and will be moving up to Kindergarten.
 I am so glad that I have many more years there with Ty and baby #3.
 I was so sad this year to leave our teachers.
 They have been my absolute favorite in our 4 years there. Both kids were supported and praised for their achievements and cared for with patience and discipline in their shortcomings. I truly felt both kids learned and grew from their teachers and were loved well.
 I am so, so thankful for that.
 I got texts from both class teachers with pictures from the last day of school of their classes.
 Here is Ty's Giraffe class with Ms Dianna and Ms Rachel
IMG_1567 Here is Kinley's VW Bug class
IMG_1569 Kinley had a 1/2 day her last day of school so all the 4s classes could go together to celebrate at the park. We went with Donna and Arabella.
Here are Kinley and Arabella with Ms Jessie.
These girls will so miss each other next year. It has been such a treat having them in class together this year.
We had our traditional end of the school year pics in the front yard. It is so hard to get them both looking and smiling these days. I can't even imagine how hard it will be with three.
  IMG_5434 IMG_5442 Kinley has this pose down
I feel like Ty has grown so much this year. IMG_5437 IMG_5447 IMG_5449 IMG_1558 IMG_1559
I can always count on a silly face pic though. IMG_5439
It was Kinley's idea on her own to wear the exact same outfit to school the last day that she did on the first day so she could "see how much she's grown."
 She remembered exactly what she wore and everything.
 I tried to do the same with Ty but he has pretty much outgrown his.
 Here is a comparison:
First Day of School - 9/10/13 IMG_3939 IMG_3963 Last Day of School - 5/20/14
IMG_5446 IMG_5438

One big change is that we are taking pics in a totally different front yard.  
And, oh how I hope that bleach blonde hair comes back this summer for the next set of beginning of the year pics.

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