Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ty - 15/16 month update

I totally had intentions of doing a Ty update after his 15 month well check but, now he is well past 16 months and I am finally getting to it.
 SO, SO much has changed since his 12 month update.  He has truly sprung into full on toddler mode.
- 25 pounds 50th percentile
- 31 inches 80th percentile
Untitled Untitled
It is still crazy to me that he is only 50% in weight because he has the biggest belly lately. He just follows it around and it reminds me so much of my brother Matt. He used to do that as a toddler and I just love it.
The biggest change obviously, is that he is walking...more like running everywhere! It took him a while. He was definitely into his 15th month before he started walking. Only about 6 months after Kinley walked but, he got there. And now, only a few weeks later I cannot imagine him not walking. He is so happy being able to go everywhere Kinley goes. When she goes room to room, he is not far behind. It is so sweet to see them play together everyday. They are truly best friends. It is a huge joy. IMG_3188
He is also a major climber. He climbs anything. He climbs onto the kitchen table, my bathroom counter, on top of the car...anywhere he can. I have no idea how he hasn't figured out how to climb out of his crib yet but, I cross my fingers everyday that he won't.
Ty's personality is still his completely sweet, cheesy self. His smile can melt your heart and he smiles the majority of the time but, he can definitely throw a tantrum these days. I remember this with kinley too...but, his frustration is mostly about not being able to completely communicate with me. He knows what he wants now but, can't always express it and it is frustrating to him.
He is also talking up a storm. He is so, so, so much more verbal than Kinley was at this age. It is crazy what I actually can understand. He can pretty much repeat almost anything. On a regular basis he can say (in his little toddler-speak) mama, dada, tyty, bubble, up, apple, ball, all gone, down, more, balloon, and I know more that I can't think of right now.
His favorite activity is still, hands down, to read. We read no less than 10 books a day. He loves us to read to him. He does NOT like tv. The only thing he will sit in front of for more than 1 minute is a Praise Baby DVD. That is only because he loves music. As long as music is on tv he is happy. He will pay close attention to a show's theme song or a fresh beat band commercial but after that, he's out.
He loves being outside and is getting the hang of hitting his baseball off the tee and driving his little camo car but, he mostly just chases Kinley around when we go outside.
He still eats like a champ. He loves any fruit and loves any juice from the juicer. He really likes velveeta shells and cheese and chicken nuggets (like any kid) but, he also will try pretty much anything Ben and I eat at night too. The biggest challenge I have with feeding Ty lately is that he ONLY wants to feed himself. He does not want me to spoon-feed him anything. He wants me to stab it or spoon it up for him to feed himself. He does not have the best aim everytime so every. single. meal. ends in a total mess.
I am thankful that Ty still sleeps like a champ. Usually 12 hours at night and a 2-3 hour nap once a day. Praise God for a good eater and sleeper. It is a huge blessing.
He has almost all of his teeth now, sans 2 year old molars. He is currently getting his last couple vampire teeth (or that's what I call them) on top and once he is through that, we will be home free for a while.
He still takes his paci and is truly obsessed with it. I think he likes it more than Kinley if that is possible. I was so much more strict with her about when and where she could have them at his age but, she already had all her teeth and he doesn't yet. Soon, I will have to toughen up and get stricter with him.
IMG_3390 IMG_3391
If you are still reading this you are a champ. I just really want to remember all this little stuff with my kiddos. So, thank you for getting through the details.
Ty, you are just a precious angel to us. My heart skips a beat everyday when I get to wake you up in the morning. Your smile can turn any worry I have into joy in a second. God has given you the ability to win over anyone you meet. There is not a day that you don't make us laugh and want to squeeze you tight. I am so thankful that I get to be your mom. I can't believe you are almost a year and a half...time is flying by so fast. I am so glad I get to take a front row seat to watch you grow and learn and change and become the man God intends for you to be.
 I love you so much!


Gram said...

Sweet Ty is such a blessing! I love his smile,he will charm many in his lifetime.

Allison said...

Love you Ty!

Honey said...

Ty Ty is a sweet spirit and a blessing to his Honey. You and Ben are doing a great job!