Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lake Weekend

January is just flying by! 
My intentions of blogging more consistently have already gone out the window. I blame technical difficulties (internet access down and a dead computer) and a week of working more days than normal.
Oh well.
To catch up a little here are a few pictures of our first lake weekend of 2013. We had just our immediate Harrison family down for a very chill, relaxing time last weekend. We played games, went on walks, worked out, played outside, worked around the house and just relaxed. And, although Mendy and I did not put on a stitch of makeup the entire weekend. Kinley put us to shame each day because she does not go a day without hers lately. IMG_3422 IMG_3421
The weather was perfect so the swingset got lots of attention.
IMG_3454 IMG_3426 IMG_3455 IMG_3460 IMG_3424
And Aunt Minnie and Uncle Alex always make it a fun time.
IMG_3451 IMG_3427
A big hit of the weekend was raking the leaves. It wasn't even really on the agenda but, once we started we just couldn't stop. It made for really fun piles to jump in and kept us busy burning leaves at the fire pit.
IMG_3458 IMG_3450 IMG_3428 IMG_3452 IMG_3453 IMG_3411 IMG_3423 IMG_3459
Another big project was that Ben and Alex added a smoker to the charcoal grill and smoked ribs all day on Saturday. I think they cooked for about 5 hours but, they ended up perfect and were delicious!
Obviously to smoke all those ribs we needed to chop some wood for the fire and although it was my first time with the axe...I definitely chopped a few good pieces. I mean, anything to burn a few calories so I can eat more, right!?
IMG_3457 IMG_3456
Ty was a huge fan and was chewing those bones completely clean.
IMG_3418 IMG_3420
I mean, this belly is to die for. IMG_3429
I can't wait for more lake weather this year!


kristen said...

Paul Buyun!!! I love the wood chopping!! and how big are those kids!! i can not believe they are so big. it makes me want to cry! I can not wait to see you guys on sat!!!

kristen said...

i meant paul bunyun. and is that how you spell it? i should google that but I'm too lazy.

Allison said...

Such a fun weekend! I love the makeup Kinley! Just beautiful!