Friday, January 11, 2013


just a little iphone update on what's been going on around here in january so far.
ben had all this time off over the holidays and i got completely spoiled having him around so much. I am missing it already.
there wasn't really a day the entire time that both kids were well. it is so sad when your kids are sick but, i have to admit i love the extra snuggle time. ty would not leave my lap for multiple days. even playing in kinleys room he would just hold a toy and lay down on my lap. IMG_3311 On new years eve Ty had a little stomach bug and a little vomit later ben rented a carpet cleaner and went to work on our living room. Best looking worker bee i've ever seen... IMG_3304
at the same time we decided to take down christmas decorations and organize multiple rooms in the house (who knows why!???) and just to keep it real, this is truly what our house looked like...
IMG_3305 IMG_3306
we tried time and time again over the holidays to go to the new perot museum and every time we tried to go the tickets were sold out or a kid got sick or something. i definitely feel a visit coming soon but, as a quick substitute we had a day at the Ft. Worth Children's Museum.
  IMG_3335 IMG_3316 IMG_3317
the kids loved it...especially the grocery store part. i came away wishing that the kids could do my grocery shopping for me and that it was really that much fun.
IMG_3336 IMG_3327 IMG_3328 IMG_3330
ben got me a juicer for christmas and i am a bit obsessed with it. i have been juicing every day. i am not sure i am any healthier but, i just like it. the best part is both my kids drink it too! i even got kinley to drink apple, carrot, spinach juice and she loved it!
IMG_3338 IMG_3337
also, haley had surgery about a week ago. she blew threw her acl about a month ago playing with simmonds in my parents backyard and had to have surgery to repair it. thankfully, we know the best vet surgeon ever! thanks dr. bob!
 she is truly the best post-surgery dog ever. she is patient, rests, takes her meds very easily, and lives a very sedentary life most of the time anyway. she has been getting more love in the past week than in the last 3 years probably. it is a long road to recovery but, we are doing great so far!
IMG_3372 IMG_3371
how is january treating you guys so far!?

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kristen said...

those babies are just so gorgeous. i want to be there right now with them. and poor haley. what a trooper.