Monday, January 7, 2013

7 years

Just a quick shout out to my hubby. Today is our 7 year anniversary. photo-126
The last 7 years seem like a breath to me.
Babe, I love you so much and I am thrilled to be your wife. God truly blessed me with a perfect match in you.
It is a little hard every year that our anniversary comes 2 weeks after Christmas.
 To make it a little special I gave him 7 cheesy gifts and 7 balloons with some pictures attached to them of us throughout our life. Kinley loved doing this with me because she kept saying our anniversary party could start once we had the balloons.
anniversary 1
And my favorite part of every anniversary is that I make Ben watch our wedding slideshow and video. It is totally dorky but, I just love it every year. Kinley loved it this year. She loved seeing baby pictures of us as kids and definitely watched the entire wedding twice. So fun!
anniversary 2

Another thing I do like about our anniversary being so close to beginning of the new year is that I can remember another year of our marraige in conjunction with the calendar year. What a wonderful year it has been and none of it could be what it is without you, babe. IMG_0253 IMG_9816 ben bday 1 IMG_1664 me & ben IMG_0689 IMG_0693 IMG_0996 IMG_1342 IMG_1668 IMG_2610 IMG_2008 IMG_2874 Untitled Here's to 7 x 7 more.
 I love you!


Camila said...

Happy Anniversary to 2 perfectly matched people! Love y'all!
PS. Totally gorgeous veil on your wedding day! haha! :)

Jan said...

So proud of you two! Love you so much. Happy Anniversary!!!