Thursday, January 31, 2013

January phone pics

Here are few pics from my phone that haven't quite made the blog yet.
Ben and I did get to celebrate our anniversary overnight at the Gaylord one night. We had a great time.  It is just fun to get away now and then.  And, isn't he cute!??
We have been playing doctor alot lately and Kinley is solving Medical miracles and looking like a pro.
(notice the pager and nametag)
dr. kinley

Kinley is still obsessed with constantly changing clothes and picking out no less than 10 outfits a day. 
She is obviously getting so good at posing too.
Here she is with her new boots from Honey & Boss... IMG_3465 IMG_3463 IMG_3461

We took a trip to the pet store one day. For some reason my kids consider this a fun outing...just staring at the animals in glass cages.
IMG_3440 IMG_3439 IMG_3437
and for some reason Kinley put an 'M' sticker on her for the day???
(here's a self-picked outfit and the pose again)
IMG_3442 IMG_3441

We had a fabulous play date with Allison, Ella, and McKenna when they were in town. It was so much fun to see them and just hang out and play. I wish they lived closer so we could hang out constantly.  Everyone plays so well together.  And, I always feel cooler after she leaves because she shows me something cool like how to wear denim on denim like a pro.  I think this time I might have convinced her to become a juicer though.  We are still juicing daily around here.
IMG_3486 IMG_3473

There were lots of princesses... IMG_3487 IMG_3475
riding cars...
mckenna kinley & Ella
and a pizza lunch.
And a few princesses even tried to tattoo themselves like their moms :)
IMG_3478 IMG_3481

This is a big reason I like to do these phone dumps because even though these aren't really interesting enough for an entire post on their own, I love catching everyday moments like this.
Snacktime in the kitchen with a fairy and her little brother. IMG_3467 IMG_3468 And Cinderella at breakfast before school...which is why we are usually late. IMG_3405 IMG_3402
January was good to us...yay for February!

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Allison said...

LOVE everything about this post! Such a fun play date and the girls crack me up with the tattoos!