Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cousins Weekend 2012

Labor Day weekend this year was extra special because it was also Joyner Cousins Weekend!  We had cousins weekend last year at the lake house when I was pregnant with Ty and it was so much fun that we knew it would have to be a yearly tradition. This year every single cousin on the Joyner side of the family made it...even Bart and Olivia! 

 We were so excited to all be together and just spend quality time. It was a super relaxed, never put on a stitch of makeup, play games, stay up late, sleep late, and eat a lot kind of weekend. It was fantastic! 

We really had such a fun time that I never even stopped to take many pictures. I did however make shirts...duh! I cannot take much credit for these shirts because Bart, Ben and Olivia created the design on our Galveston trip. Everyone picked whether they wanted a tee or a tank and got a shirt with this fantastic crossword puzzle on it. It was really amazing. Bart used some app that he input the clues and answers in and it busted out a perfect crossword configuration. Everyone loved flipping back to front to see what clue's answer was their name.  I am sick to death that we did not get a group pic in matching shirts though...agh!photo-174 photo-173 We did some boating and jet skiing. IMG_2374 We sat on the dock and played in the sand. IMG_1421 IMG_1419 IMG_2391 IMG_2386 IMG_2380 IMG_1401 IMG_1400 IMG_1398 IMG_1393 We did some fishing...literally for like 5 minutes. Kinley was crying...begging Ben to let her fish and Ben refused forever because the water was SO low that there were FOR SURE NO FISH to catch. But, finally he relented and let her just cast some bait and reel in....then like 90 seconds later she caught this.
Saturday was Scott's 25th birthday and we celebrated. IMG_2385 IMG_1407 IMG_1403 We sat around and talked a ton (and I was annoying and taking super close-up pictures because the lighting was good...) IMG_1434 IMG_1432 IMG_1431 IMG_1430 IMG_1428 IMG_1427 Sunday I got to meet my mom and dad half way and drop off my kids for a 24 hour adult only period. It was fun. We got to be a little louder than usual past dark. We even played some flip cup and it was pretty competitive.
 IMG_1449 IMG_1448 
(sidebar....I love flip cup.... I had never played it before until a few years ago.....I am not awesome at it but, I love it. I also love that it can totally include everyone....I have played it a lot while pregnant with water or diet coke....Brooke played the whole game with cups of Coke and there were many people that played with non-adult drinks. It is just super fun....sidebar over) IMG_1459 IMG_1446 IMG_1447 We also played lots of ladder golf and corn hole. Apparently Bart and Scott are the team to beat. Pretty much undefeated. Also, Matt is amazing at performing Olympic charades which we forced him to entertain us with for close to an hour one night while listening to Garth Brooks. It was so fun. Wish I had some pictures or video. IMG_1395 IMG_1392 
But, my favorite part of the weekend was just spending time with my family.  I am so, so blessed with the family I have. All around, I have the best family. I am close to my brothers and all my cousins on both sides, and am so thankful for that. Our parents always made it such a priority for us to spend time together and I want to continue that tradition for myself and my kids. It is such a fun, laughter-filled, safe, loving, supportive environment. Despite any age difference or distance we are all super protective of each other and our time together. I can't say enough great things. 
 I can't wait for Cousins Weekend 2013!


kristen said...

that is SO MUCH FUN!!! i love every thing about it. just love the shirts so much. and matt is going to have to show me those charades at his new house!!

Jan said...

Love all the pics! Super glad ya'll make the effort to be together like this. Love EVERYONE of you.

Honey said...

What is Matt doing with that tree?