Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ty - 12 months

I totally know I already posted his birthday party...but, I wanted to do one last little post about Ty's 12th month to round out his first year. 
 I probably won't be doing these every month now. Maybe every well-check or half-birthday. But, I will miss our monthly photo shoots, although it is getting much harder every time.
At his one year check-up Ty is: 
  • 30.5 inches 75th percentile 
  • 23 pounds 50th percentile 
  • 19.35 inch head size 90th percentile 
 I still can't believe he isn't taller or heavier. He is just so much bigger than Kinley and every time people see him they say "what a big boy!" I just can't believe it when I go in and he is smaller than I expect. He has lots of tall people to take after and he eats like a horse. Maybe we have a growth spurt coming soon.

 He has 8 teeth right now and at least 3 more coming in...some of them molars. IMG_1774 
He is a great sleeper now! Hallelujah! Seriously, this is the biggest blessing of this 12th month. He naps like a champ and sleeps all night. I think he finally fell in love with his bed and likes being in there. 

 He has done a little free-standing this month...not too much, but a little. He is right on track with his gross motor skills but isn't walking quite yet. That will be a fun post to update sometime soon. 

 He is a huge climber though. I can't turn my head for a minute or he will be up on a coffee table or the kids little table or a chair. He has a scab on his nose and a little bruise on his head still that was a golf ball size bump that he got climbing over a chair in the nursery at church. The sweet ladies were so nervous for Ben to go pick him up because they thought he would be so upset with them but, Ben just said...I am not surprised at all. It happens all the time.

He can point and put up a number one for being one year old. IMG_1787 IMG_1788 

He is starting to mimick lots of noises. He can repeat lots of sounds and is very verbal. He still just says a few words though: mama, dada, tyty, ball, woah, uh-oh, yay. 

 Still no interest in TV at all. His favorite toys are balls and trucks and his little ride on cars (because you can climb on them) and his favorite activities are throwing a ball or rolling a ball back and forth, or being outside crawling, exploring or sliding. He is not really into swinging at all. I am hoping we can cure him of that this fall. What kid doesn't like to swing!? 

 He definitely misses Kinley while she is at school and is elated and lights up when we pick her up at the end of the day. They are the sweetest friends. I just love it. 

 Here is a little video of us singing Ty happy birthday the morning he turned one. 

 I love you Ty-Ty. Happy Birthday big boy! IMG_1770 IMG_1780 IMG_1776 IMG_1777 IMG_1773 IMG_1772

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Jan said...

He is just TOO cute! Such a special gift from God. Your posts make me smile every day. Love that outfit too!