Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ty - 11 months

I am super behind on Ty's 11 month blog and he is about to have a big one year old birthday in like 2 weeks...so, I am going to keep this as short and sweet as possible. Ty turned 11 months while we were in Galveston. He just continues to shine and be such a blessing to all our family. He can melt you with his smile and the little smirks on his face.
He just keeps growing and growing...probably due to the massive amount of food he eats. We still have yet to come across something that Ty doesn't like to eat. He will eat anything you put in front of him. I am still feeding him some baby food just to get a balanced diet in him and to keep him full...but, he would much prefer table food and thinks baby food is for the birds. He is still drinking about 20 ounces of milk a day also and we have brought in the sippie cup with water. He truly thinks it is so rude if anyone eats or drinks anything in front of him. He will squirm and whine until he gets a drink or a bite of something for himself. It takes constant supervision while Kinley is eating for Ty not to steal her food right off her plate if it is in arms length.
Speaking of mobility...he is making strides. He is a definite furniture cruiser now and has started walking behind things he can push. He is also a climber. He loves to climb stairs, chairs, furniture, people, really anything that can take him vertically. He and Kinley are also a little more aggressive lately and I am really having to tell her to be easy on him and not be so rough because he is just a baby still. She wants to pull him everywhere she goes or pick him up to come with her and he almost weighs as much as her. So, we are trying to knock that out quickly.
His vocabulary hasn't changed much in the past month. His favorite and most frequent word is ball...or "ba." He knows exactly what it means when you tell him to find the ball, go get the ball or throw a ball. He also says woah, mama, dada, and tyty. One of the biggest challenges this month has been sleeping. It is not so much that he was sleeping worse...just never really has slept through the night his entire life. But, with the climbing and mobility increasing so much we thought it critical to get him to sleep in his bed all through the night. We had to do some cry-it-out this month. It has been so hard on mom and dad but, Ty has been a champ. He is stubborn and will cry longer than I can even imagine. He will fall asleep sitting up occasionally. But, he is totally fine when he wakes up. Unphased and so happy just to not be in his bed. After a few consistent days, he started to get it. He is now napping better and sleeping through the night pretty consistently. Hallelujah! We needed it!
Overall, it has been such a fun summer and a wonderful 11th month for Ty. I can't believe this is my last monthly post until he turns one. It has flown by so fast. I am so glad that I kept up with the monthly posts for Ty because I know I will look back on it one day and love that I detailed his first year of life. We are already planning his first birthday and I just can't even believe it. I know he will be starting Kindergarten like so many did this week before I know it.
Ty, you are an angel. You are so happy all the time and so sweet to everyone. You have never met a stranger. You are tough and take all kinds of "love" from your sister like a champ. You are the biggest blessing and I am thankful beyond belief for your dad, you and Kinley. I pray that you will continue to just be a light and a blessing for all you encounter and that God will use you in big ways to further His Kingdom.
 I love you little man.
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Jan said...

He is unbelievably cute! Looking forward to tons of fun with him!

Honey said...

Ty Ty...I smile just thinking about you. You are so engaging and "smiley". I'm so glad I get to spend time with you while you're growing up so fast! Honey loves you, sweet boy.