Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Party Prep

So, on Friday my baby boy turns one!  
I really can't believe it.  It is so cliche but so true that time flies by so fast and so much faster with baby #2 than baby #1.  
I feel like I blinked and a year has gone by.

But, we are gearing up for a party around here for Ty!
It took me forever to decide on a theme.  I really wanted to think of something that would represent Ty but, I could not get inspired.
What does he love??, baths,....more food....not sleeping...he smiles alot.
I just couldn't think of it.  
But, thank goodness for Kinley.
We were talking about it one day and I asked "What does Ty like?"
And she said..."We should have a ball party!" 
(in her really excited scream voice)
Duh!  It is perfect!
His first word ever was "ball" and he can throw a ball, chase a ball and it truly is his favorite toy!

So, we are having a ball themed birthday party.  Not sports balls...more like bouncy balls.

Here my inspiration board...mostly via pinterest.picstitch picstitch-2 And here is his invitation that I made on my computer. 
 It is going to be a much more toned down party than we have had lately. 
 Mostly just family and a few close friends. Ty does not have a ton of friends from school or anything yet so while we can, we are keeping it pretty chill. 
 I love creating my own invites. I always get them printed at Staples on cardstock or textured cardstock and it is a custom look without a custom price! 
 (i mean, everyone eventually just throws them away anyway...why spend a ton!?) Screen shot 2012-09-11 at 8.25.44 PM 

One of the first things that I envisioned for the party was this multi-colored styrofoam ball garland.  Kinley and I had a great time playing with paint one night. 
I thought the best way to get good paint coverage on the styrofoam (without re-paintbrushing them 100 times) was to squirt some acrylic paint into a gallon sized ziplock bag and roll the styrofoam around.  This was so fun for Kinley.
IMG_1382 IMG_1387 We had just bought the three main primary colors and so we had a quick art lesson to remember how to mix them up to make orange, green, and purple.  Kinley loved that too!
IMG_1391 IMG_1389
I think they turned out awesome!  
I can't wait to see them all strung up.  
Stay tuned for some birthday and party pics soon!