Saturday, September 29, 2012

Guess Who's Back, Back Again

The Fogle's are Back in town!
And all seems right in Kinley's little world right now.
 I am not sure how I am going to break it to her when Eden leaves again in a week or so but, I am choosing to ignore that for now and live in the sweet bliss of having her BFF around for a bit.

Jen and Eden came to pick Kinley up from school Friday and surprised her and it was quite the reunion to behold. They immediately hugged and held hands until they left the building. Eden was a hit at school with all her girlfriends surrounding her and so excited she was back. I was a little emotional for Jen to see how missed she was and how happy Eden was in her comfort zone.
We then proceeded to hang out all day...after school, through dinner, through bathtime until bedtime and everyone had a great time...only iphone pics for this post...sorry.IMG_2450 IMG_2454 IMG_2446
They came home mainly for Eden's birthday party at Sweet &Sassy.
Kinley had not ever been there yet and it was so much fun. They have the pampering down there and the girls had such a fun time getting their hair and face done, dressing up, having a runway show, dance party and getting pictures made. IMG_2465 IMG_2468 IMG_2470 
I could not believe they could get Kinley's hair in a french braid. I was telling the hair girl good luck and she blew my expectations out of the water! IMG_2463 IMG_2467 IMG_2469 
Sweet girls. IMG_2472 IMG_2480 
I am sure we will have many more adventures with the Fogles as the week progresses. Hopefully, I will be better at blogging and taking pictures than I have been.


Jan said...

Such sweet girls. I'm excited for Kinley having Eden back for a few days. Love you.

Allison said...

These pictures just make me so happy!