Monday, May 7, 2012

princesses, pit crews, and popsicles

School is almost out for the summer and Kinley and Eden have been taking full advantage of seeing each other and having play dates after school pretty much daily. One day last week we loaded up our extra car seat in my car and took Eden home from school. Kinley & Eden car Kinley & Eden car1
They are at such a fun age to watch and listen to. They play pretend (which Kinley just calls "tend") all day long and it hilarious and adorable all in one. They run to the dress up clothes and immediately dress like princesses the minute they walk in the door. (what are they looking at???) IMG_0477 IMG_0476
Princess playing in the kitchen and eating snacks IMG_0482 IMG_0478
princesses watching tv while I put Ty down for a nap. IMG_0486 Then we ditched the dresses and loaded up on Kinley's car. IMG_0502 IMG_0496 It was hilarious Kinley trying to teach Eden how to drive the car in reverse. At one point Eden hit the curb and Kinley sprinted out like the pit crew to put it in reverse and move it back to the middle of the street so she could go forward again. IMG_0504 IMG_0505 IMG_0507 IMG_0508 There was a cheering section.
IMG_0500 IMG_0492 IMG_0491
And then they took turns driving each other. IMG_0524 IMG_0519 And after all that hard work, we had to have some popsicles. IMG_0516 IMG_0513 IMG_0510 AG came down for a popsicle treat too! (although mine were the processed fake kind..not the homemade natural apple juice kind that Leslie makes...sorry!) Kinley & Eden & AG
Speaking of AG, she is now a BIG SISTER! It was so fun to visit Leslie and baby Sean Ryan in the hospital last week...even though we brought the circus. Sean Ryan birth
It was adorable. Everyone loved seeing a baby and having a picnic on the hospital floor. Kinley and Mav played around in the car when we stopped to pick up lunch. Kinley & Mav car
So excited about future Ty, Mav and Sean Ryan playdates soon too!


Honey said...

What a sweet friendship between two beautiful princesses! Love the pics of Kinley rescuing Eden.

kristen said...

i love love the girls little sweet friendship! they are just so cute together!! and i love all those kids in the hospital room!

Jan said...

The pit crew rescue cracks me up! She was so serious about helping her friend. Good girlfriends. Love that Kinley girl.