Sunday, May 13, 2012

clean babies

This weekend Kinley and Ty took their first brother / sister bath together.  No inappropriate pictures here...just some adorable cuteness of playing and splashing away. 
 I think I imagined this as one of those moments being a mom of more than one kid.  Ty has been in his own baby bathtub until now and I just love having both my babies play in the bath together.  So innocent and sweet.  I am pretty sure I am totally emotionally overboard on this but, I just loved it.  This time of life is so fleeting and I dont want to miss a minute.
It was hilarious because Kinley has always been pretty calm in the bathtub, as an infant she was really relaxed and peaceful and as a toddler she just kind of quietly plays with her toys and makes up scenarios with her toys.
But, not Ty.
He could not stop splashing.
He was about to topple himself over because he was flailing himself all over the bath at the toys and at the water.
Just another difference between a boy and girl I guess.
IMG_0535 IMG_0528


Honey said...

Such cuteness!! I love those bald heads and Ty's face in the first pic and Kinley 's big smile in the last one. Can't wait to hug them.

Emily said...

Those two are just too beautiful for words! I loved sibling bath time growing up - I'm sure there's lots more of that in your family's future.

Jan said...

Sooooo precious!!!