Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ty - 8 months old

Again, I am over a week late on Ty's monthly update post but, better late than never. IMG_0575
He is growing like a weed and I feel like he gets bigger and bigger every day. We went to Kinley's 3 year well check last week and I had Ty weighed and he was 20 pounds already! I am such a sap and just cried like a baby while putting him to bed yesterday as he wrapped his whole hand around my pinky because it won't be too long before his hand dwarfs mine and I know it. IMG_0569 IMG_0571
He is starting to get more and more of that blonde hair on top of his head. IMG_0570
He is getting more of a personality every day too. Sometimes he just starts babbling like he is having a conversation and it cracks me up. He and Kinley "converse" and laugh and laugh at each other and it is so fun to watch. Kinley's nickname for Ty these days is "Bubba Boo Boo." She says it all the time. It is pretty funny. IMG_0579 IMG_0581 IMG_0582
Ty is definitely more content sitting and playing by himself this month. He can play with his farm animal tractor and barn for a solid amount of time. He leans over and reaches and reaches for toys but, he has yet to take off crawling yet. I feel like he is so close and at any moment will just start moving but, he is just content these days to sit there for a while. I guess there hasn't been anything yet that he just can't live without and has to go after. I try hard not to compare he and Kinley and their milestone progress because they are such different babies but, that is all I have to go by and Kinley had already been crawling for over a month by now! I am sure it is coming quickly. batman
The last couple weeks have been filled, yet again, with ear infections, massive amounts of drool from teething and lots of waking in the night. It has been a little tough on mom but, we are making it through. I continue to wonder if he will need tubes in his ears eventually. On a high note, he has finally made it into his own room and bed now! I know it is good but, I miss him in his pack & play right next to me at night. IMG_0574 If you look close you can see those little white top teeth about to poke through. IMG_0573
Ty's absolute favorite place is outside. I feel like he is such a boy already. We always try to sit outside when it cools down at night after dinner and wind down for the evening. Kinley rides her car and Ty just sits out there content as can be. It is my favorite time of the day by far. outside
This month I have been praying and praying over the physical and spiritual health of our family and our home. As I am trying to get Ty to sleep for naps or bedtime I cherish just holding him and walking around his room and praying for him head to toe. I sing and sway him back and forth and I will forever remember the moments that it feels like I am dancing with my infant boy to get him to sleep. I pray throughout his room and that it would be a place he feel safe and peaceful and protected. I am praying for whatever might be bothering him whether it be his ears or teeth or tummy.

I pray for Kinley when she takes her naps on the couch each day. She falls asleep watching a movie and she just looks so peaceful. Ben puts Kinley to bed most nights and if for some reason we don't all get to pray together at night, Ben always does with her. Last night I heard her say her eye hurt and asked her dad if he would pray for her eye before she fell asleep. It melted my heart.

I pray that the Holy Spirit will spring up from the floors and drip from the ceiling in our home for our children and that it is a place where Christ is center, creativity is celebrated, friends and family are always welcome, and it is filled with joy. We make mistakes daily as parents and as husband and wife and I pray that Christ's grace and love cover us each day and help us make better choices tomorrow.
We, in no way whatsoever, have it all together and each day is a little chaotic but, I pray we try to take in the sweet moments of having small children in our home and be thankful and remember and have patience with our kids and each other. mother's day That is just one other reason I am thankful for this blog and for the memories it helps me to document and holds me accountable that I might otherwise have forgotten.
Thanks for reading.


Nina said...

Amen to that sweet prayer!

Cheryl said...

Beautiful thoughts and prayers. When Gary and I were young parents an older woman at work gave me some valuable advice I try to follow to this day. Her advice was to "drink in every minute, because they grow up so fast." It is clear you and Ben already understand the precious gift of time. Love you. Cheryl

kristen said...

i love those sweet pics. and the ones where his little teeth poke through! it makes him look so different! he's just getting so big! and i love that prayer and this sweet blog full of inspiration and encouragement. and the Lord. Love you so much. and my sweet babies!

Alexis said...

Beautiful post and beautiful babies. I love how passionately you pray. This so might seem creeperish, but I had read one of your post a while back and it was a prayer that you prayed for your little ones and I loved it so it is now incorporated into my nightly prayers over my little one. Thanks for sharing your faith on here!

Jan said...

Amazing kiddos...amazing parents...keep up the good work...keep praying! Love you.