Monday, May 21, 2012

Teacher Appreciation - Under $5 Garden Bundle

On the last day of preschool, Kinley took some teacher appreciation gifts to her sweet teachers.  Both of them like to garden and work in their yard so we decided to go along that theme.  I was totally in luck because the $1 aisle at Target was full of garden items! 

I decided on an assortment of garden items to bundle together.
  • Flower Pot  - $1.25
  • Basil Grow Kit  - $1.25
  • Garden Spade  - $.50
  • Gloves  - $.50
  • Kneeler  - $1.25
That's right...everything for $4.75! Total Jackpot!

IMG_0561 IMG_0557 I used my Silhouette and put each teacher's name on their flower pot with adhesive vinyl. IMG_0560 I also put a little sign in there that said "Thank you for helping me to learn and GROW this year!"  (Of course, I was out of paper and ink in my printer so I had to hand write it on cardstock in my not so cute handwriting...but, whatever...)
Kinley was very sad on the last day of school.  She actually cried a little bit.  She loved her teachers very much and I think she really got it that summer was coming and that she wouldn't see them each week anymore....and that when summer is over and she goes back to school she will have a new class with new teachers.  I feel so blessed that she loves school so much and feel so peaceful and special there. Her teachers this year just went above and beyond pushing the kids in her class to learn so much.  Here are some pictures of her with Ms. Susan and Ms. Gail.  She wasn't in much of a smiling mood though.
Ms. Susan Ms. Gail2 Ms. Gail
Ms. Susan told me the sweetest story about Kinley that day.  They had been learning about God's creation the last couple weeks of school and what God created each day of the creation story.  When they got to day 7 when God rested, they asked Kinley:
Ms. Susan: "What did God do on Day 7?"
Kinley: "He laid down out in the sun." 
They loved that answer and Ms. Susan said when she writes her book about being a preschool teacher that she is going to include Kinley's quote. 
Sweet girl.


Jan said...

Makes it soooooo nice for mom to drop kids off when they love it so much. Congratulations to Kinley for a good year. I love her!!!

Allison said...

So sweet! I love the teacher gifts and Kinleys quote is priceless!