Wednesday, November 23, 2011

3 Ansons

This past weekend Bart and Olivia were in town and Bart got to meet Ty for the first time! It is crazy when some family lives out of state that months could go by without two of the most important people in your life meeting! I know Boston has been and is a wonderful thing for Bart and O...but, I am super selfish and I could not wish them together back in Texas fast enough!

Bart is truly so personal and thoughtful and he had a special surprise for Ty. Olivia said he thought up this idea and vision in his head and told her exactly what he wanted to do. He knows the key to my heart....and he made personalized t-shirts!!!!

They printed out images from their computer onto iron on transfer paper and cut them out to make fantastic "Anson" t-shirts! Ty got a white onesie and Dad and Bart got maroon t-shirts. They all had their initials on the front and "Anson" on the back and were numbered by their generation. I LOVED it!!!
Even though we do not have Bart and Olivia for Thanksgiving this year, it was so fun to have everyone for a morning brunch at Mom & Dad's. How sweet are these uncles!?
The weather was awesome so we spent a lot of the morning outside.
Kinley had so much fun with Simmonds.
And there was lots of Baby Ty bonding.
We can't wait till Christmas where we can all be together again!!


Honey said...

Three handsome Ansons! That was a very thoughtful gift from Bart & O. It was so fun having ALL my children together! We are so blessed.

Allison said...

I love Bart! Such a sweet thing to do:)

Camila said...

That t-shirt making gene must run in your family!! How cute. Seriously! And Ty! He is changing so much!