Monday, September 26, 2011

Ty - First Ten Days

*Caution....this is a very mommy-driven post with lots of details about Ty! You have been warned about the cheese-fest that is about to come.*

Well, I feel like I am living in a dream world right now. I know there is a lack of sleep and a sense of isolation that comes with having a newborn and I know that most newborns don't enter their "fussy" stage until around a month or six weeks or until they "find their voice" or whatever but, I truly feel like I could live in this moment forever. I am on cloud 9 with my sweet babies. My very favorite time of the day is in the morning when Kinley wakes up and comes to climb in our bed. Then, I can pull Ty over and cuddle with both my babies...and on the weekends Ben too! It is truly just a dream come true and God deserves all the glory and praise for these incredible blessings.

I cannot complain about my son's newborn days so far. He is a great sleeper and a great eater. I even got a little worried about him one night because he was already sleeping for four hours and I had to wake him up to feed him. The doctor wanted me to take him in for a weight check to see that he was eating enough and not getting lethargic. He said that the magic number for him would be 7 lbs and 14 oz and that right at a week babies are at their lowest weight. If Ty was over that magic number, then he was fine, didn't need to be seen and could wait until his 2 week well-check appointment. Well, little man was 8 lbs 12 oz. Already back over his birth weight at 8 days. I just love it. Kinley has NEVER been much of an that was definitely a change.

There have been a lot of firsts during Ty's first few days of life and I don't want to forget them. We have had tons of visitors come to the house! Lots of family came to visit....I wish I could have gotten pics of everyone but, I didn't. We have seen David, Kristi, Aubrey & Grady, Lois & Jack, Linda, Natalie, Jeffrey, Luke, Aunt Jan, Scott and Katie, Momma Gay and Pepa, of course Honey, Boss, Pops, Gram, Mendy & Alex and even Olivia got to come in town this weekend from Boston and Sean, Camila, Winlon and Speight were here from Atlanta! It has been so much fun to see lots of family.
We had our first outing to the park one day. Mom took us all and Kinley loved having Ty there with her.
Kinley is LOVING her little brother. She is so excited about him and very gentle with him. She has been patient and not jealous and has handled sharing the attention very well so far. She seems to understand when I can't follow her into her room to play or put her down to bed if I have to feed Ty. I am really proud of her.

We had our first bath...which are not post-worthy pics...but, we did have a great helper in Kinley and might have gotten peed on. In fact, little man loves to pee on anyone changing his diaper. As soon as he gets "exposed" to a little air...he just feels relaxed and loves to pee. I am going to have to figure that one out soon.

Our only other outings have been to mom's house for my dad's birthday...he turned Eden's princess birthday party...she turned 3....and to Mendy and Alex's new house. They closed on it this week and our Friday night was spent helping them unpack. It was so fun and we can't wait to spend more time over there! When we do leave the house, I feel kind of like a new woman. Between bedrest and having a newborn, I spend a lot of time locked up in the house. So, it is nice to slowly but surely re-join the land of the living!

We have been doing lots of sleeping in lots of different places. Ty is pretty great at just letting us lay him down and he sleeps wherever. A couple favorite spots are the couch and the bouncer...and of course, in anyones arms.
He has been showing us his eyeballs a little more lately. They are beautiful and blue and it is so fun to see him awake. He is very peaceful.
Serious Face

We also had newborn pics taken by my friend Cassie at TwelveTwenty Photography. She was SO great with Ty and very peaceful, gentle and patient. I can't wait to see the shots she got and share them with you all! But, until then, we have been snapping away as much as we can. Some pics are with our phones and some are with a camera just whatever is closest.

We head to the Pediatrician tomorrow for Ty's 2 week appointment and I can't wait to hear what his height and weight statistics are. I am also going to start driving more this week and taking Kinley to school again. I am excited to see how our first outings go with both kiddos on my own. I may feel like being creative in the next month or so...but, until then...for more of these exciting posts...stay tuned!


Emily said...

What an angel! Seriously, he is so beautiful. Keep on packin' on the pounds, Big Boy.
And what a great big sister Kinley is - I'm not at all surprised.

Anonymous said...

Love all the pictures Lindsay! He is so precious - love those cheeks! I'm so glad you're feeling well and everything is going so great! - Ashley

Mindy Rives said...

Handsome little guy!!!! Welcome Ty! Lady, you look amazing!!

Natalie said...

Look how sweet Kinley is wil TY- so so precious! We loved coming to visit and snuggle with that sweet baby! I could have held him all day! Let's get together soon! LOVE YALL!!! The Hardens

jojo said...

Beautiful baby boy!! Beautiful family! So happy for you all.

kristen said...

oh my gosh that pic of him in the carseat is the cutest picture i have ever seen in my life!! oh my gosh i want to come there right now and hold him!ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! i love him so much! and everyone in these pics! miss y'all!

Gram said...

I love this blog. You are so in love with your babies, it brings tears to my eyes. You are an amazing mother, and I love to watch you and Ben as your family grows. Lucky children!

MrsKT said...

You are definitely one of the prettiest post-pregnancy women in the world! And super mom for continuing to take pictures and blog, while taking care of a toddler and a newborn! Love reading your blog...