Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ty Anson Harrison - 9/14/11

Ty finally made his appearance right on schedule this week and I cannot even begin to put in words how my heart has expanded to love my son. Everyone told me it could happen but, I just wasn't sure how I could love another child as much as I love Kinley...then, the second they put him in my arms, I did. He is only 4 days old and I already cannot imagine my life without him. I just wanted to quickly get a few pictures posted from the last few days. This is by no means all the pics we took or all the pics you will see...but, here are just a few and a little bit of story to go along with them.

We left the for the hospital a little before 5am on Wednesday morning.
I got all checked in and started getting induced around 7:15 and visitors started to arrive around 8....broke my water at 8:30 and he was here by 10:17. Overall, it took a total of 3 hours. Very quick that my epidural did not really work because I was progressing faster than the medicine could take over. It worked some..and I am sure that it was better than no drugs at all..but, I could definitely feel everything...and I did make it through. Thankfully, it was quick.
Martin was usual. Ty had the cord wrapped around his neck just like Kinley did and though it was not quite as dramatic as last time...I hate that stinkin cord and without Martin there to keep me totally calm, I would have lost it. I can't explain the easiness and peacefulness that comes with knowing your doctor so well. I am so very thankful for him.
Mendy made these fantastic shirts for everyone who came to the hospital. So, so cute.
Kinley was fully entertained all day with lots of her favorite people.
Kinley had fun
Ty had an endless number of visitors at the hospital and we feel so blessed to have so many wonderful family and friends that live nearby.
Diana brought the party with usual. So fun.
Pepa and Momma Gay's first Great Grandson
One of Ty's Dad, Mark Anson.
I know there will be a million pictures of Kinley checking out her little brother in our future. It was so much fun to see her just light up around him and be so excited to check him out.
Lots of snuggle time...
And yesterday, we brought the party home.
His cute outfit with World War II planes that we brought him home in and he promptly pooped on. Such a boy!
Thank You, Lord, for a healthy delivery and baby boy. We feel beyond thankful that you have entrusted us with Ty as our precious son. He is an absolute joy and we will not take for granted the blessing that he is.


Anonymous said...

Lindsay! He is precious! I have been waiting to see pictures - Dad told me he came on Wednesday, and I'm glad everything went well. You look beautiful. Love those sweet little cheeks!! - Ashley

Allison said...

SO sweet. I miss him already and I can't wait to see him again soon! What a beautiful family of 4! Love you guys!

Nina said...

I just love all of these. The shirts are just great and he is beautiful! I can't wait to get my hands on those cheeks, ahh! So happy for your sweet family, you and Ben deserve all the blessings in the world and Kinley and Ty are lucky to have you as parents. Love you guys :)

Christy said...

I'm not sure if I've commented on your blog yet, I've been "following" the blog for quite some time.

What a joy to have a new little one in the house:)Congratulations to new life!

Brittany Strebeck said...

love it all!! you are beautiful, and so is your family and your sweet little ty.

Honey said...

So overwhelmingly happy to have our new grandson! He is beautiful. Kinley is the best big sister. And they are both so blessed to have you and Ben as parents. BTW, you're a pro at delivering babies!

kristen said...

I just love everything about this whole post. He is so so gorgeous and I can't wait to hold him! He is so so special! and his big sister is so gorgeous too!!

Camila said...

Oh wow! Love this post! It just gave me goosebumps!! He is precious! I can't wait to meet him!!

Elizabeth said...

Lindsay, I found your blog through Mindy...Your new little man is adorable! So happy for you and your growing family :)