Monday, September 5, 2011

Prepping for the first day of school

Well, to start off, Happy Labor Day! I hope many of you are out there on the lake, or outside enjoying this amazing weather today! We are taking it easy today so that it will not truly be my "labor" day. Baby Ty, hang in there a few more days please :-) Instead, we are doing a different kind of "labor" and prepping for Kinley's first day of school. We finally start tomorrow...yay!

We had a Parent Night and Meet the Teacher last week and we got a little "homework" for Kinley to bring for her first day. She is going to be in the Lion's class this year and so she needed to bring her mascot all dressed up. We brought out a variety of things for Kinley to decorate her mascot including lots of fabric, ribbon, beads, colors, stickers and mod podge. Kinley wanted to try a little bit of everything.

We started off by just coloring...
She wanted to put "shoes" on the lion and so we just hot glued some fabric over the feet so she can lift up the fabric and still see the lion's feet.
She also loved painting the mod podge on some pictures we cut out and asked for her name on the lion's back and a bow on the lion's tail. (Super ironic since I can't get her to wear a bow to save her life!)
She insisted on taking her shirt off to paint..
Her finished mascot!
Then we got her "All About Me" page ready by writing down a few things about her and printing out a picture of our family and our house. (I am a little sad that Baby Ty isn't in the family picture yet...but, soon!)
Her teachers also provided bags with monogrammed names on them for every 2 year old in the school (5 classes worth!) and gave us an iron on for their class mascot. They want this to be their bag for the year. So sweet..but, I feel like Kinley may miss her backpack...she was definitely trying it on all morning to prep for school!
Well, after all that, I think we are ready for school tomorrow!


Allison said...

I love the homework y'all got to do, so cute! I can't wait to hear about her first day. See you and Ty soon!

kristen said...

that last pic is so cute with her backpack!! love her!!

Honey said...

Happy First Day of School, Kinley! Did you sing her "School days, school days, dear ol' golden rule days..."?

jojo said...

Happy First Day Kinley!! I hope you make a lot of new friends!