Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy 30th Allison!

Not alot of blogging going on around here in the past week. Lots of loving on my babies and trying to rest and recover...but, I will be back soon with more pics and stories and hopefully crafts.

But, I could NOT let today go by and not give a shout out to my BFF Allison for her 30th Birthday! It is not everyday a girl turns 29 + 1!

Allison, you are so special to me. Your friendship is like a lifeline for me and a constant that I never want to go without. You are so creative, inspiring, supportive, and just all around fun. When I want to plan a party or get ideas for a meal, gift or a craft, you are the first girl I go to. You are such a joy to be around and never, ever let yourself get in the way of loving on others. You are an inspirational mom with so much patience and love. You are always there for every event that you can be. Even when you have to drive in and drive right for Ty's birth! All of my most fun and special memories have you in them. I am so excited that we get to raise our kids together and build so many more memories. I have loved spending my teens and twenties with you and I can't wait for the thirties and every decade from here on out.
Thank you for being you and for being my best friend. Love you Allison!


Brandi said...

Aw, lucky girl to have such fab besties!!!

Nina said...

Allison rules! Can't wait for the next 30 years...and you always get to be the youngest :)

Allison said...

I love everything about this post! It is SO sweet! I can't believe I didn't see it till the day after by bday but it ended my birthday weekend perfectly! Thank you for making my bday so wonderful and special! Love you!

jojo said...

Lindsay this is a beautiful tribute to your friendship!! I loved reading it and can't wait to watch all the fun beautiful things you girls get to share in the decades to come.