Monday, August 29, 2011

Dress Up

Since we are pretty much not doing anything fun at all today...we are reminiscing about a fun day last week when Jen, Eden and Jack came to play. These girls don't know how to contain their excitement together. I mean...remember this video of them? It is pretty cute.

First order of business upon arrival was to strip down naked and put on dress-up clothes. Just recently has Kinley been getting into playing dress up. I don't know why she hasn't really cared much about it until now...but, for a few days straight she has only wanted to wear her Princess Tiana dress.

How cute are these princess cheese faces!?
Oh...the mullet...when will she ever grow hair in the front!?
And then Eden has to rub it in with her long beautiful locks!
Who doesn't love a flower as a hat?
And look at this handsome big boy! Jack is already pulling himself up on everything. How much fun will he and Ty be too!?
They took some turns pushing each other around on the tricycle.
And, we found out today that they will be in the same preschool class this year! (I know..we still haven't started school yet...not until next week!) I don't know how Kinley will contain her excitement 3 days a week with Eden in her class. I hope our poor teacher is ready!
Happy Monday!


Honey said...

Hair is over rated. Who needs hair when you have that gorgeous face! How fun to be in the same class with Eden!!!

kristen said...

exactly honey!!! and those long legs!! she is gorgeous!!! both of those girls are! and jack is so big!! can't wait for 3 day a week school! they will just love it!

Allison said...

These pictures are priceless! What sweet friends and now they get to be classmates! SO fun!!! I can't wait to hear stories!