Friday, August 5, 2011

Baby Mobile Re-do

I have been slowly but surely working away in Ty's room is almost finished! But, I do have another finished project that I had to post because it was literally the EASIEST thing I have done yet. It took about 5 minutes total. I was lucky to have everything I already needed at home and I just love when you want something to work and it actually does!

I got this fantastic Pottery Barn Kids mobile at Kinley's shower from Natalie. I love the soft butterflies and it went perfect over her crib. But, I did not think it would work for Ty. Haha!
I did not want to go out and spend money on a new mobile or really brainstorm anything creative to sew together either. But, I remembered that Kinley's pack-in-play came with a built in mobile with these little zoo animals that we never actually attached to the pack in play. How cute are they!?
I found them when I was cleaning out our guest room closet, now Ty's, and decided to use some twine to attach them to Kinley's old mobile.
All I did was un-velcro the fabric that was on the mobile and untie the butterflies. Then I tied the animals on with twine. SO easy. I love that it is a little boy-ish and just goes perfect in his crib.


Honey said...

So cute! Can't wait for baby Ty to be here!

Anonymous said...

Hi, if your little one doesn't need the bunny anymore, we are looking for the bunny. We went to a lake today where we lost this bunny. If you are interested in selling it or giving it away, you would make a little 3 year old girl really happy.