Wednesday, March 2, 2011

sweet friends

This week has been a busy one for Kinley! She has 3 days of school this week instead of 2 because of a make-up snow day. She LOVES school so much and I know she loves seeing her friends there. She talks about her teachers Denise ("Neese") Billy Jean ("Beej") and her friends Addy and Connor ("Nonnor.") I love hearing about it. Kinley is definitely getting better at names and we practice a lot but, I always love hearing her say them. Here she is saying everyone in our immediate family. Pops ("Pips") Gram ("MMM") and Olivia ("yaya") are pretty much my fav.
Today we hung out with 2 more friends that we see a lot on days off from school. We went for a walk with Annabelle Grace down the street...who Kinley just calls "Gwace." We walk at least 3 times a week and the girls just love it. They lean up all the time and look at each other and it is just so cute. We also cleaned out Kinley's closet this morning (she is hurting for some new spring/summer clothes now!) and took 2 huge bags down to Annabelle Grace. She is exactly 1 year younger than Kinley so she is prime position for hand-me-downs!
After the walk I told Kinley that Eden was coming over to play. She was SO excited. She just loves Eden. They play so well together. They talk and laugh non-stop and just have the best time. They love bath time and just splash and giggle and stay in like 30 minutes. Tonight they went in my room and closed the door and we could just hear them running and laughing and playing. It was so cute. The BEST part for sure is when they first greet each other. They are SO excited and SO loud and it is just hilarious. It happens every time so, I told Jen to call me when she was pulling on my street. I whipped out the video camera and this is what I got. So cute.
Here's to you getting just as excited about spending some time with your friends!


kristen said...

that was so so cute!!! i love that baby girl! who is now so big!! she was so cute getting so excited!

Allison said...

OH my goodness that was cute! I love how she says every ones name! Olivia's name was my fav for sure! Her and Eden are such sweet friends, I love it! Can't wait to see you guys sometime soon!

Olivia Howe said...

I LOVE it! I think she has me confused with Kai-Lan's grandfather but I don't mind at all! Ni hao Kinley :)