Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ty's Baby Shower

This weekend I was super blessed to have a baby shower for Ty! I was more expecting a Sip & See for Baby #2 but, after some convincing, I am so glad that I was able to have a party before he was born, rather than after. Things really do change so much from one baby to the next, especially when they are a different sex. I was thrilled to have so many family and friends come and support baby Ty with all sorts of new baby gear and clothes. He is so loved already and I can't wait to pour that over on him after he gets here. My mom snapped some pics throughout the shower and I am so thankful she did!

Thank you so much to the amazing hostesses for all their incredible party planning! It was beautiful and the food was fab!
Aunt Jan said a very sweet prayer before we ate and mom snapped a pic of Kinley who kept her eyes closed the whole time.
Thanks to so many who came out to the party. I am overwhelmed with love and thankfulness for you all.
Picnik collage
IMG_7640 Joyner side
Howe Side
This party was my fav shower so far because we pretty much overloaded the house with kiddos as well. I think we counted 12 kids under 5 that came too. I had plenty of help opening presents and Kinley was a lucky girl and got to open a few herself!
opening presents
After the shower we had an impromptu swim party. It was so fun to let the kids just play and hang out with great girlfriends!
swim party

I HAVE to give a shout out to the people who made homemade gifts for Ty. It is so special when someone spends so much time and effort on a gift for your child. I am just so thankful!

Leslie sewed and embroidered this cute blanket for Ty.
Leslie's blanket
Mendy sewed this incredible blanket for Ty. Her perfectionism is impeccable. It looks so professional. I LOVE the colors she picked and it is the perfect blanket to lay out for us to play on or to cuddle up under together on the couch.
Mendy's Blanket
Lauryn personalized these cute onesies for Ty. Get it...a "tie" for Ty! And I just love the whale. They are adorable and I can't wait for him to wear them.
Lauryn's onesies
Kristen crocheted this incredible blanket for Ty. I really can't believe she made this. The colors are fabulous and it is the perfect size and SO, SO soft!
Kristen's crocheted blanket
Thank you SO much to everyone who hosted and attended the shower. I know we did not get pics of everyone but, I am so grateful to everyone who came! Thanks for spending time to come celebrate with me and love on Ty before he is even born. We are so thankful and feel so blessed. I love you all!


Camila said...

Looks like an awesome shower! And I love the impromtu swim party after! I thought about you on Saturday! Hope we catch you (and Ty) when we're there in Sept!

Nina said...

Had so much fun at our swim party, you look so great and I can't wait to meet sweet Ty! I brought my camera and didn't even take even pictures, so bummed but these are great. Love you!

Leslie Bartel said...

Had such a great time at the shower! Thanks for letting us share your special just can't wait to meet that precious little boy and welcome him to the neighborhood! :)

Honey said...

Do we have the best friends, or what? I'm so ready to hold and kiss on sweet baby Ty!!!

Anonymous said...

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Thank you!