Friday, June 17, 2011

Orange the Fish

This is our fish.

Her name is Orange. I know it is a her because I asked Kinley if it was a boy or girl and she said "girl." And her name is Orange because I asked Kinley what her name was and she said "Orange." Nevermind if she was actually just telling us what color she is....the name stuck.

Kinley got Orange at Kristen's twins goldfish-themed birthday party. It was a fantastic party that you should definitely go look at all the details of right now. Real, live goldfish as a party favor!?!?!? What could be better? Kinley rode all the way home from the party, even when she fell asleep, holding her fish.


So, our first stop back at home was to Walmart to pick up some fish necessities.

Ben and I joked that we will probably definitely show up on People of Walmart because we wheeled in straight from out of town, looking grubby with a pregnant girl, a fish in a bag and a camera.

Kinley picked out a fish bowl, with some help from her daddy. I don't know the first thing about fish but, he grew up with a saltwater fish tank in his house. I think he really liked this one because it has an LED light that changes colors. Maybe he thinks Orange is going to have some friends over for a dance party.

We also got some fish food, which Kinley promptly began to show me how Orange would eat.
Thanks Kristen and Jeff for the addition of Orange to our house. Kinley is still in love with her everyday!

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Allison said...

I love this! Who is taking care of Orange while ya'll are at the beach?!?!