Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lake night with the Booths

Summer has been busy for us so far and time just gets away from me! I can't believe how sparse my blogging has been. I think it is mainly because we are outside all the time and in water a lot and I just don't take as many pictures. I do have a few things planned over the next couple weeks though. All in all, I just love summer and I love that time and schedules just go out the window.

This weekend was one exception where I took lots of pictures and I am so glad I did. We went out of town on Saturday night to the lakehouse and the Booths met us there for a one night sleepover! It was a great landing point for our trip to Tyler the next day for Kristen's twins birthday party. It broke up the drive for both of us and it only took like 45 minutes on Sunday to get there. Saturday afternoon Bob and Ben had a late tee time and so just the girls hung out at the house...and it was plenty of entertainment.

Kinley and Ella were too cute together. They wanted to do exactly what the other was doing all the time and it was so cute to see. Kinley is definitely a small groups kind of person. She thrives in small groups of people where she knows everyone. She can get kinda shy and clingy in big groups but, one on one she just loves. Maybe her love language is quality time. We will have to see if she is always like this or if its just a phase....but, I digress. The lakehouse was a very fun getaway for all the girls!

We dug in the sand.....

We made and painted some really cool jewelry that Allison brought.....

The biggest hit was the outdoor shower....
Picnik collage
Mid-shower, all that water flowing helped Ella realize she needed to go potty. So, she decided to go like a puppy in the this pic!
Let's get all clean

We had a dance party.....
McKenna was an ANGEL the entire time and just hung out in the pack in play during the dance party.

We took a bath...

Then about 11:00 we started Princess and the Frog. What precious angels.
We had SO much fun at the lake with the Booths! We can't wait to hang out again soon!


Camila said...

The dance party pictures are AWESOME!! Can we get Kinley to teach Winlon how to sit still and watch a movie the next time we are together?? PLEASE?!? The farthest we can get is 10 minutes no matter the movie.

kristen said...

those pics of all of those girls is absolutely perfect!! and so gorgeous-all of those girls!! you captured everything so perfectly!! i just love it!

Allison said...

I want copies of these pics! I just love them! Such a fun weekend!