Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

We are celebrating Father's day in Mexico with a little of this
Screen shot 2011-06-15 at 3.54.56 PM
We will be back soon with a ton of pictures I am sure. But, I wanted to take a few minutes to say Happy Father's Day to the 3 best dads I know!

Gary / "Pops"

I know we are having a great time in Cancun for Father's Day today and I know you can't think of a better way to spend a day dedicated to you! Thank you for being such a great example of an invested father-in-law and grandpa. You are so dedicated to Ben and Alex and all their endeavors. You are proud of them for their accomplishments and totally invested in their lives. Thank you for being so supportive of Ben graduating this year and for making sure it was a special event that deserved celebration. Thank you for all the "baby duty" you do with Kinley when we are all together. She loves to follow you around and take you through the house and the backyard and to swing and to look at her duck upstairs. I am so appreciative of all you do!

Dad / "Boss"

I know you are in Africa right now and may never read this but, that is just why I want to write it. You are selfless and heart-felt and giving and every day you sacrifice for your family. You do not do anything to get recognized or praised for it. You are just a hard worker and a dedicated husband, father and grandfather. Kinley loves spending time with you and you are the only grandfather I know that wants to keep her on your own like you did several times this year when mom and I went to events at church and Ben was in school. You laugh and play and swing her and pull her around in the wagon and change her dirty diapers like the best of them! Thank you for loving her so much! It just continues to confirm why I am so in love with you as my daddy. I feel so blessed to have had you as a father growing up and you continue to set such an example for us.


Happy Father's Day. This is your third Father's day and you just continue to amaze me more and more each year with how wonderful of a Father you are. Kinley adores you and just absolutely loves getting to spend time with you. A few memories of you two specifically from this year are:

1) When you took her to Academy after your finals were over for school and she looked at you and put her hand on her heart and said "Daddy, Kinley happy." She had such a happy heart just spending time with you and she wanted to make sure you knew it!
2) The three days you spent with just her while I went to Boston for Bart's graduation. You had 3 nights of daddy-duty all night long and all by yourself and I know she loved every minute of it. She felt peaceful and happy and rested with you here and I know you will never forget it.

3) You getting her out of bed on Christmas and Easter morning to come see what presents she got while I took pictures. It is small moments like those that I am so thankful to have a partner in life that is excited about the same moments I am.

4) All the times you have taken her to Bass Pro Shops. This is truly something she loves doing with you. She talks and talks about the fish and the ducks that you see and getting to crawl in and out of the tents and the boats. She just loves it. And, she knows it is something special that just the two of you do. When she is getting ready to go, she says "Mamma stay at Kinley's house" because she does NOT want me to go too. It is really pretty cute.

5) You, along with lots of help, building Kinley's swingset at the lakehouse. That was definitely a labor of love and one you will not soon forget I am sure!

6) How you can get her to smile when we take a family picture by tickling her leg. For some reason, I can't do it...but, you know just the right tickle spot!

I love you Ben and I am so thankful that you are my husband and Kinley's father and I can't wait to see you be a Father to Ty too! Happy Father's Day!


Honey said...

Three awesome DADS!!!

Honey said...

Great pictures but better words!!! Love you, Dad