Friday, June 10, 2011

Kinley's ready to be a big sister

Just wanted to post a quick baby update for baby Ty. I am 25 weeks and feeling every bit of it. (please ignore my gross no makeup, hair pulled back look)
This time around I will be a big ol preggo during the middle of summer....and I already feel empathy for those who have done that before. I am excited that Ty will have a September birthday and be an older boy in his grade...but, I will always make him thank me for carrying him through the heat of the summer...haha! It is definitely not the best summer for a beach vacation...but, in 7 days we are going I better just be prepared and leave all expectations of cuteness back in Texas!

I really think Kinley will love being a big sister. She is absolutely obsessed with her babydolls right now. She takes them everywhere. She takes them for a walk in the stroller, in her high chair to eat, to bed for a nap...everywhere. She is also super cute with other babies we are around. Here are some pics of her and Ella with sweet angel baby McKenna a couple weeks ago. It was hilarious...everything McKenna did, Kinley wanted to copy. If McKenna was laying on her back...Kinley wanted to lay on her back. If McKenna was laying on her tummy playing with toys for tummy time...Kinley wanted to be right with her. You would think we tried to pose these pics of the girls all together but we didn't. They just started all laying down and laughing together and hugging on each other.

I also got a really cute video from Jen while I was in Boston of Kinley playing with baby Jack. She emailed me with a subject of "Kinley is ready to be a big sister." She just can't kiss him enough. So cute. I hope she is like this with her baby brother...and no other boys :-)


Camila said...

You look FANTASTIC Linds! I would KILL to be a tiny, cute prego like you. Kinley is going to be an awesome big sister and I CANNOT wait for you to experience the utter joy of watching your two babies love on each other.

Allison said...

first of all you look AMAZING! I can't wait to see that belly this weekend! And I love love the pics of kinley, ella and mckenna! And the video, so cute!!! She is going to be the best big sister! see you guys tomorrow! YAY!

Emily said...

Isaac is happy to have Kinley practice her sistering skills on him anytime :)

kristen said...

cutest kids ever!!! and oh my gosh you are so beautiful. so so gorgeous. and love kinley and jack!! she is gonna be such a great big sis!! we are so glad yall came this weekend!!

Yashila said...

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