Monday, June 27, 2011

Mexico Trip 2011

We are just a couple days past our trip to Cancun with the Harrison's and I have tried to narrow the picture field as much as I can. I think it is so cool when people can go on a week-long vacation and only pick like 10 photos from their trip, mainly scenery photos or local wildlife or something and have a beautiful blogpost with only a few cool pics...but, I just can't do that! I like my pictures with people in them. I just can't help it. But, I will try to wrap up our trip in a pretty little bow here with as few pics/words as I can muster!

Overall, it was a fantastic trip. Kinley did great on the plane rides, had so much fun in the sand and in the pool swimming, took great naps everyday and slept pretty good at night, although she did end up in bed with me most of the week. The hardest thing about the whole week was trying to get this 2 year old mover and shaker to sit still for dinners. We ended up eating out of our condo 5 of 7 nights and although the food was amazing...that is hard on a toddler! She is just not used to sitting for that long and she is also just not an, I cannot bribe her with food to stay in her chair because she does not care about it. We tried everything from coloring books, candy, her itouch, the ipad, and even brought the DVD player to one dinner with all her DVD's to choose from. We did get talked about by the table next to us for busting out the DVD player. Apparently, that is not good parenting and totally unnecessary. Well, to each their own. We tried to avoid that again so as to not be threatened. But, I guess if going to eat dinner is the biggest struggle we had....then we had a great trip!

Our first day always starts with dinner at Captain's Cove. It is tradition and we never stray. There are crocodiles off the back porch there and it is always fun to see them. Kinley calls them "frock-da-diles" and she talked about them all night.
captains cove
There was a little rain the first day and a half so we made do the best we could by painting some pottery, celebrating father's day, and watching some sea turtles! Kinley painted her turtle, Tom. She is pretty much an artist in the making.
Cute Father's day pics.....

And the sea turtles were seriously cool. I know it seems so weird to watch/post pics of sea turtles mating... but, it was so cool to see that! God is amazing and just seeing his creation au natural was pretty cool. The resorts where we stay are certified conservationists and each night/morning they gather any sea turtle eggs that a female lays and bury them for the gestation period inside a fence. There is a sign above each mound that tells how many eggs were found, what day, what time, etc. It is really so cool.
sea turtles

Very quickly, the sun came out! We swam and swam and made sand castles galore. Kinley's fav part of sand castle building is knocking it down. She likes to smash them with her hands or be like a giant and crush them under her feet.
sandcastles 1
stomping sandcastles
I did bust out the bikinis on this trip. I feel like Mexico with only your immediate fam is an appropriate place for that while preggo. I don't remember who's idea it was for a profile pic of all our bellies..but, I def win that game.
We tried to keep Kinley covered in sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat as much as we could...but, she wasn't having it.
Her absolute favorite thing about the trip was that Mendy was there! She thought Mendy was her best friend and was glued to her like a little lost puppy. Everything she did, she wanted Mendy to be there too....push her in her stroller, build a sandcastle, wear her sunglasses, you name it. Mendy was a great sport and totally makes me super excited to be an aunt someday so I can spoil my nieces and nephews too!
kinley & mendy
The only bad thing about Kinley's week was when she slipped and fell on the tile floor (totally dry and with shoes on..I might add) and busted her lip open twice. Her top 2 teeth were like daggers to her bottom lip and when I saw her she was dripping blood everywhere. It was a little scary for a minute and I thought we might have to get stitches but so many security people rushed in and helped give her ice and gauze and she was asking to swim in no time. These were the best pics she would let us get.

More pics before dinner on our balcony...
Picnik collage
Mid-week was Mendy's birthday and it was so fun to celebrate with her in Mexico! We opened presents, had a big buffet breakfast, got massages, had lunch by the pool, laid out and went to a great dinner. It was a fantastic day for everyone and we were glad Mendy had a birthday so we could all enjoy!
mendy's birthday
This dinner we learned that Kinley is a much happier camper if she can sit on a bench seat instead of in a high chair between Mendy and I. She just loved it.
mendy's birthday dinner
Of course Kinley had to help her BFF blow out candles.
One day Ben, Gary, Mendy and Alex went deep sea fishing and Mendy caught the bait for which Alex caught this A-MA-ZING grouper fish. It was huge and delicious!
Alex ate so much, he thought his "food baby" belly could compare with mine...but, I totally beat him.
We always end every trip with dinner at La Conquistador. It is always delicious and we look forward to it all week but, it just means the trip is almost over. We rounded out with a few more family pics and headed out of town.
el conquistador
Until next year!


Camila said...

I have so many comments.
1. Mendy is gorgeous. I've been meaning to say that for a while. I feel better now that it's off my chest. Gorgeous.
2. I would not listen to what anyone says about your parenting skills. It is so hard on a toddler to be away from home, off schedule, etc etc that if a DVD player at the table is what it takes, so be it. They should shove it.
3. Is Kinley in pull ups? That is a big deal!
4. OMG. You are the cutest. prego. ever. You are the size I am when I am like 3 weeks pregnant. Maybe I will just let you carry my next child. HA!
5. The pic of Kinley kissing your are going to love that forever.
6. This is a great post! Love all your pictures!
7. Miss ya'll so much!!

Gram said...

These pictures are amazing, and capture all the fun we had last week. What a blessing to spend such a great time with our most precious family.
Kinley was so wonderful, and such fun. She is growing up so fast and is such a little girl.
Lindsay is such a great mom, and did such a great job managing Kinley throughout the entire trip. She was so well behaved, and so polite. It is so cute to hear her say "please and tank to" What a jewel!

kristen said...

i love everything in this post too camila!! great minds! hello beautiful sister in laws, kinley and MIL! oh my gosh, yall are all so gorgeous. linds, i really have that big of a belly today because i ate pizza and drank beer. gah. youre gorgeous. i want to see all the pics now!! im coming over to see all the extras...missed yall SO much too when yall were gone even though it was just really over the phone, hahahhah!

Honey said...

You guys all look gorgeous! I love the total family pic from the last night. That's a framer. And the last pic of your family, too! And for sure frame the one of you and Alex comparing tummies! It all looked so fun. A great family tradition!

Mindy Rives said...

Um, you are the cutest pregnant lady ever. I wish I could rock a bikini while preggo like that! Too cute! Looks like y'all had a great trip. XO!

Emily said...

Kinley kissing your belly is my new favorite picture of all time! That one might have to go on our fridge.

Allison said...

beautiful pics!!! and you are the most beautiful preggo i have ever seen! You need to rock a two piece all summer long! Don't even think about packing your tankini for this weekend. I want to see that beautiful tan baby belly of yours!!!

Anonymous said...

That is smallest prego I have ever seen. You look beautiful! Kinley is so sweet and happy I miss her :)

Anonymous said...

By the way this is Nina! It won't let me comment unless I am "anonymous." haha whatever works.