Thursday, March 24, 2011

Time Out

I can't believe it....but, this sweet angel got put in time out today at school!
That is always a fun thing to hear as a parent. But, apparently Kinley was loving dancing/standing on some plastic red table at school and her teachers told her to stop. If they tell you to stop 3 times and you don't then you get put in time out...1 minute for your age. So, I guess she just pretended not to hear them because she got put in time out.

Things going through my head:
1) Hahahahahaha! I don't want to laugh but, I just can't help it.
2) Was standing on that table really that fun??
3) Since she is almost 2...did they put her in time out for 1 minute or 2 already....I have a hard time believing 2 since she never stays put anywhere that long.
4) I am glad it was just for having too much fun and not for kicking or biting some kid or stealing a toy repeatedly.
5) Oh no, I hope those don't become a problem soon because I just said that.
6) I hope she listens better tomorrow.


Allison said...

I'm laughing out loud! This is hilarious! Oh sweet Kinley, having too much fun and had to sit in time out. I love it!

Natalie said...

Hahahahahah! I haven't put Luke in time out yet but it's coming!! Kinley is hilarious!

Honey said...

The cutest thing was when you asked her if she was put in time out...that sweet angel lowered her head and nodded yes...didn't say a thing. So precious! And i think those teachers must be just alittle too strict!!!

kristen said...

sometimes you just cant stop the party. i got you kinley. i understand. she was in the zone! like her tv zone and she couldnt get out!