Sunday, March 27, 2011

Inie-Bull and Cows

This weekend we went to East Texas to visit Inie & Bull and when we were talking to Kinley about it this week...she kept saying all in one breath..."Inie, Bull and Cows" like it was all one word. Yes, I would say, we are going to see Inie and Bull and see the cows too. She was very excited. It was so great to spend a couple days there and immediately Kinley felt comfortable in their house and explored around everywhere she could.

Saturday we spent the day at the Ranch and saw the cows. Kinley had to hold both Inie and Honey's hands in the car on the way to the ranch. It was very cute.
She couldn't quite hold her excitement in about the tractors, the trailers that my cousins have out there or the golf cart.
tractors and such
But, of course, she was MOST excited about the cows. She got to ride in the front seat with her head out the window.
head out the window
She is yelling "Cows!" in this picture
We watched Bull's Ranch dog, Trey, work the cows and it was pretty impressive. For some reason Kinley could not get "Trey" down and kept calling him "Terri"... "Oh Terri"...or..."There's Terri!" It was pretty funny.
trey working a cow
It was really fun to watch Bull call the cows in to eat. As soon as he yells at them, they come running. Kinley loved seeing that up close.
How cute is this nursing baby cow?
This is a good pic of Bull's "Flying H" brand on some cows.
As quick as she could she wanted to climb in the feeding trough. Some cows didn't really like her playing where they eat...but, she was not afraid. Ben had to hold her back.
kinley in the feeding trough
She was so pooped from the Ranch that she fell asleep on the way to the Beer Joint for lunch. (The Beer Joint is really just a gas station across the Oklahoma state line that Bull eats lunch at all the can buy beer they call it the Beer Joint. Really...the burgers are amazing and Ben says the chicken fried steak sandwich is the best he's ever had.)
Saturday night Inie was so sweet to get a '2' candle and so we celebrated Kinley's upcoming birthday with candles, the birthday song and some strawberries and angel food cake.
Sunday we went to church with Inie and Bull and she was so pooped from fun, she fell asleep again in the service. It definitely made for a quiet baby.
After church Kinley went back to the house to continue playing with her favorite toys of Inie's. A sweet baby with a bottle that Kinley was very carefully feeding all weekend while rocking her in Bull's rocking chair. This chair is literally Bull's chair from when he was a probably around 86 years old.
Picnik collage
After some family and generational pics, we had to hit the road. We were sad to leave and can't wait to go back again soon! We love you Inie & Bull...and Cows!
kinley & honey


kristen said...

oh my gosh she is beautiful! i love those pics! and the whole weekend captured in the pics. I bet that was just so much fun!! thanks for putting these up! cant wait to celebrate with her this weekend!!

Camila said...

OMG LOVE this post. What a special weekend! We are so jealous of your proximity to Inie and Bull. Love all of these pics. Love them. Also Winlon is also obsessed with farm animals. He calls both horses and cows "horsey cows." Hysterical.