Monday, March 7, 2011

kinley this week thru another lens

My posts lately have been a ton of pics and video about kinley and nothing really creative mainly because that is what we have been up to lately. (but, get excited for some 2nd birthday planning coming up soon) This stage with kinley has been my fav so far. She cracks me up. Everyday she is learning something new and saying something funny and something I had no idea she even knew or picked up on and I love it. I just never want to forget it and am super sentimental about capturing every detail. This week I had a little help in capturing her personality.

Kinley's new favorite "headband" is an old lime green scrunchie that she found on an old baby doll at my moms house. This cracks me up because she will NOT wear any bow or headband at all. But, we embrace the inner flower child.

Mom took these pics for me. I am so, so thankful for her and for her relationship with Kinley. It is sweet and honest and they just have an unspoken connection. I cannot say enough how thankful I am that she keeps kinley while I work 2 days a week. I don't think I can ever repay her.
Then, for my amazing mom's birthday this weekend so that we could go out and celebrate...her amazing sister, Aunt Jan (and Uncle Jimmy), came over to babysit Kinley. Aunt Jan is truly Kinley's favorite "babysitter." I would say she was my favorite babysitter too but, she plays mean tricks and texts me to tell me that kinley won't stop crying and screaming and she doesn't know what to do...only to text me right back and say JK!!!!! How mean is that!? But, seriously, kinley loves to be babysat by Aunt Jan because she always brings her presents and M&M's. This time she brought her 4 beanie baby zoo animals from her house that Kinley immediately was in LOVE with. We have been playing with them for days and she carries all 4 of them around at a time...not just 1...all 4. I made Aunt Jan send me her pics of Kinley from their night together. Aunt Jan also brought some special low-to-the-ground chairs for Kinley to sit in (and for us to take to the lake :-). Isn't she the best!?
Kinley 3-5-11 001-1
Kinley 3-5-11 016
Kinley 3-5-11 018
This is Kinley "talking" on Aunt Jan's phone to Honey. She just wants to call mom all the time. So cute.
Kinley 3-5-11 009
Kinley is newly obsessed with her helmet that Pops and Gram gave her for Christmas with her tricycle. She puts it on forward and backward and tries to put it on everyone else always wants to buckle and unbuckle it.
Kinley 3-5-11 006
Kinley 3-5-11 005
She also carries her baby around 24/7. Seriously, she sleeps with this baby, sits in her high chair with it, carries it in the car, to school, to church, everywhere we go. We joke that her arm is going to become paralyzed from keeping it in one position all the time holding this baby. But, really this is pretty much what she looks like all the time...perma-smile with a baby under her arm.
Kinley 3-5-11 013
You are the light of my life precious girl!


Honey said...

She is so fun right now! She always makes me smile.

kristen said...

she is so so cute! i love the headband! she is such a hippy! and so sweet and how cute are her and aunt jan! i love that-even though her tricks are SO mean!!! hahahha! what a sweet aunt!

Jan said...

LOVE THIS GIRL! We had so much fun...she'd make me laugh, then I'd make her laugh. When can I babysit again? Promise not to play a mean trick on you next time. Love you too Sweet Niece!

Camila said...

We miss Kinley! She's so adorable. Agree that it just keeps getting more and more fun. I feel like every 3 months I say "THIS is my favorite age!"