Thursday, November 11, 2010

tree hugging and scarecrow visits

The posts this month have been on the slow side for me. That is because November has been pretty slow and steady at our house and it is just the way we wanted it. The past few months have been so busy and we are really enjoying just the everyday-ness of our life this month. It's still pretty scheduled. Kinley goes to school 2 days a week and those days I work. Ben goes to work every day and school at night Monday through Thursday. I try to fill my nights he is away with lots of activities....Bible Study Mondays, D-group Tuesdays, Gossip Girl Wednesdays.....seems like those three don't go together...haha. Thursdays are usually pretty chill and then the weekend is here. It is a whirlwind sometimes...but, nothing way too exciting or out of the ordinary. I know that will all change once Thanksiving comes. So, for the past couple weeks, I have enjoyed taking it easy.

There are a few things that Kinley and I do everyday that she absolutely loves. The weather has been fantastic and we have been taking full advantage. Lots of playing outside, walks, trips to the park, etc. We look at the flowers and plants in the front yard.
She is very into hugging trees lately. This is all on her own. I do not ask her to hug a tree. She just loves it. She goes from one tree to another just hugging them. They must be the perfect size around. Who knows.
tree hugger
We also live close to the airport so we look at the airplanes everyday...and try to take in the incredible sunsets that God gives us.

But, Kinley's favorite outside we MUST do everyday is visit the scarecrow on our front porch and 2 scarecrows on our street. One is at Lauryn's house and one is at Leslie and Annabelle Grace's house. Today I finally brought my camera to capture how excited Kinley is when she sees the scarecrows everyday. She waves at them and always says "Buh bye" when we walk away. But, wouldn't you know it...we get to Lauryn's house and the scarecrow is gone...Christmas trees are there instead. How she is always so on top of things I will never know. But, I loved made me excited for Christmas and I know now that Kinley will want to visit her Christmas trees everyday next.
Then at Leslie's house, we did see the scarecrow and had an impromptu photo-session with sweet baby Annabelle Grace. She is 364 days younger than Kinley. Almost the same birthday...but, missed it by a day. She is the sweetest, happiest baby. We just needed them to get on the same page about a photoshoot today!
Kinley did finally sit still enough because Leslie bribed her with the candy jar.
So, until it gets too cold for us....we will be spending lots of time outside....probably visiting everyone's front porch decorations.

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