Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Girl's Trip

The lack of posts this week has been due to some rampant sickness at our house. A bad stomach bug on top of colds has kept us all a little out of the loop. But, it all started AFTER, thankfully, our really fun girls trip that we went on this weekend. We have gone on family girl's trip all throughout my life with my mom, aunt jan, momma gay, and amy. We have not done one in several years due to college, weddings, and such but, it was so fun to get to do one this year. The most fun thing about weddings and growing family is that there are more girls to go each time! brooke got to come, the new katie grant, and kinley! (we really missed olivia though) So, on friday night all 8 of us packed into aunt jan's tahoe and drove south of austin for a one night girls trip. the car was crowded but fun and we wouldn't have it any other way. amy, katie and brooke named themselves the "back seat club" which I in the middle seat with Kinley could not be a part of.
car ride
We got to the hotel late and kinley was wired when we got there and didnt got to bed until late but, she was so much fun and slept all night long.
kinley in the hotel
Saturday morning we went over to my mom and aunt jan's cousin Susan's house. She has a beautiful home in Austin and 2 gorgeous kiddos Sadie, 4. and Zach, 1. It was so nice seeing Susan. It has been a while and it was great to get to spend some time with her and her kids and looking at old pics of them when they were kids.
running outside the hotel
Susan had the coolest sunroom/playroom for her kids and kinley was pretty much in heaven from the start. she did NOT want to stop playing to take a picture, which Sadie and Zach were fantastic at!
playing with brooke
After Susan's we went to the Round Rock Outlet Malls for a five hour shopping spree. No pics from this but, lots of Christmas shopping done for everyone. Then it was back in the car for the ride home. It was a long but fun 24 hours. Kinley did fantastic in the whole time. She didn't even fall asleep in the car until the last 10 minutes of the ride home. Sweet sleepy baby!
We can't wait for more Girl's Trip's in the future!

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kristen said...

carol looks just like kinley in the pic when she is maybe in high school?? that is so crazy!! i LOVE it! i love all the old pics and all the girls. what a fantastic memory! hope yall are feeling better.