Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gary's 60th and a Fantastic Cake!

Friday after Thanksgiving (the 26th) my precious Father-in-Law turned 60! What a fabulous chance to celebrate! I have known Gary now for almost 11 years. He has always been a big supporter of Ben and I in our relationship and in choices we have made. He is a great example of a father, husband, and friend.

There are a few things Gary is known for LOVING.....Mexico, specifically Cancun, the sun, beer, and K-State football. I don't think there is a better vacation spot on the planet than the Royal Resorts in Cancun and there isn't a player, coach, trainer, or fan of football that has not been affected by K-State football or Bill Snyder somehow. So, it was only fitting that for his 60th, the K-State football team was in town playing North Texas. It was meant to be. There was nothing Gary wanted more for his birthday than to go to the K-State game with his family. None of the rest of us even had any K-State attire but, when we arrived at the Harrison's there was enough Power Cat purple gear to outfit all 6 of us. We got to the game 3 hours early and tailgated with all the other die-hard K-State fans and grilled brats and just waited for the game to start (which they won!) For some reason, I didn't have my camera so these are the only pics of the game...from my iphone....it was very cold.
Then Sunday night, we had Harrison family dinner to celebrate Gary! The hit of the night was Mendy's AMAZING cake! She made this cake and the icing from scratch and free handed the Power Cat on top. She truly is GIFTED. It is incredible.
Kinley loved licking the icing and blowing out the candles...which we did several times.
Just for kicks, here is a video!.... taken from the iphone so not the best quality.

Happy Birthday Gary aka Gar-Meister aka hbiggary50 aka Pops! We love you!

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