Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Fall Neighborhood Dinner

Saturday night we had a neighborhood dinner at the Bartel's. We are so fortunate to have great friends and couples our age that live on our street. We all talk alot and spend time separately but, the last time we actually planned a dinner to all sit down together was last November at our house. We definitely need to do it more often. Leslie and Eric planned such a fun night for us. She went all out in her fall decor and hosting skills and cooked some delicious chili for dinner.
She also gave Kinley a goodie bag full of fun new toys for her to play with while we were at their house. We also brought down Kinley's old walker for Annabelle Grace.
Kinley's gift bag
IMG_3427Kinley crawled into Annabelle Grace's swing and all by herself and thought it was so cool. She looked hilarious because she was way too big for it. She also discovered their doggie door and was a bit confused by it.
Picnik collage
The boys, especially Landon, loved playing with the kid toys and then we all played a game of Disney Scene It, which is my new fav. So fun!
Picnik collage
Matt was out of town, so for a momentary pic I was Rachel's date :-) (and of course I had to wear my new scarf!)
All in all, it was a great night and I hope we do it again soon!


kristen said...

i love the decor!! and coloring book. and the scarf is so cute!!!!

Rachel said...

So fun!! Love the pics and loved hanging out!!

Allison said...

I wanna live on your street! How fun are ya'll?! I love the table decorations and the scarf is fabulous!